Friday, March 25, 2011

The Prayer that Damns Many to Hell

Will play on our Adrienna Turner's Show in May on "Church Hurts" on one of the sessions. Ministry vs. Me. Final session (#4). Mark for the 4th week of May, Saturday. Open Discussion after this video played for audio recording.

Be prepared to share His goodness and glory, not to be hurt by those false prophets and teachings. 347-308-8612. Check for new time.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amanda's Poor Self-Image by Geraldine Shaheed

Amanda's Poor Self-Image: How to Have a Good Self-ImageAmanda's Poor Self-Image: How to Have a Good Self-Image by Geraldine M. Shaheed

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Geraldine Shaheed delivers a well-received and much needed book for our children on self-esteem, self-identity, and how they view themselves (self-image). The artwork by Amanda Esther Aquino is exceptional and easily captured my curiosity without reading the words; it displayed images that children can relate to when facing ridicule, peers teasing them, and learning about the beauty within that will showcase on the outside (physical). The important lesson taught was that our elders (adults) are to instruct and inform the young (children) about whom they are, purpose, and meaning in life. They are precious in Yahweh’s sight. Human life is one of the most beautiful creations on this Earth and we are pleasing to our Creator. How can someone learn the true meanings of “love” if they do not feel loved? The author touches on beauty, love, and esteem are some characteristics that we need to live beyond the cruel words said by our peers, family members, and classmates. We reverse negative views and concepts to positive in which starts from within. What we have bottled inside will come out of our mouths and see displayed in our actions and physical expressions.

This book target audience is for 4-8 years old; however, I can see 8-10 year old children reading and clearly understanding the meaning of the book. I highly recommend this book for elementary schools, educators, and children ministries to share as a group and discuss the importance of self-image, self-identity, and self-esteem that our children face on a regular basis, also who they are in Christ.

You can get a copy of the book from the author at $10.00/copy.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inspriational Sale ends Soon

Reminder. Only 8 more days left, the sale will end. This is a crazy sale since "The Day Begins with Christ" is retailed at $18.99 and you get two books that are normally at $15, no shipping, for only $35 for three inspirational/spiritual books. (Dream Store). Never had a sale like this! April 1st, Fool's Day, don't be fooled out of this sale.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Spotlights on Adrienna Turner Show coming soon

We want to add book discussion spotlights on A.T. Show. Books we've either reviewed or Book of the Month that have controversial, inspirational issues that need to be addressed. Review on our forum (for details):

Book Discussion Outline:
Get copies of these books to read/review from Amazon, book stores, or libraries if available to send your questions to by end of July for August Book Spotlight Discussion. Send queries at least 1 week before the shows.

Guests are welcome to also ask their questions on the phone line (limit to 2 minutes per speaker) or in the chat room of a live show.

August Book Spotlights:
"The Boy with Stripes" by Reverend Eddie Wiggins
"Mirror, Beware!" by Dream Summore

*Both books from a memoir and novel speak on domestic violence, adoptive homes or foster-care/group homes, and through all the drama will inspire you.
*We will try to get authors to be on the call; otherwise, it is open for discussion for all readers. Book Clubs are welcome to join too. No vulgar language is allowed. Be mindful what is shared since it is recorded and live worldwide.

September Book Spotlights:
"The Certain Ones" by Vanessa Richardson
"Once Upon a Miracle" by Wanda Baylis

*Both books cover health/medical issues that are a miracle to still live and share their inspirational stories with the world.
*We hope to have both or one of the authors available during book discussion session.

Book Spotlights are only open to those who have done Dream Your Reality BOM and/or Dream 4 More Reviews. We'll select those books that have a purpose; social, medial, or overlooked issues; and/or continue for the readers to dream for more!

Dates will be announced soon. 30 minute segments. 1 author per spotlight. Will happen in the month listed above.

Review our site:

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pastor Series in July or so

We are seeking pastors: young pastor, male pastor, woman pastor, and co-pastors (husband and wife team). I know three of the four. We will do the life of the pastor series and ask the pastor series in the upcoming months. We'll be off the month of June. If interested, send short bio (1 page only), ministry name/church, how long you've been doing ministry, and focus (e.g. deliverance, spirits, marriages, etc.). Email to

May month will be the "Church Hurts" open discussion on Adrienna Turner Show and "Where is the Love Series" on Dream4More Radio last month on the air.

Merging Dream4More Radio with Adrienna Turner Show in July

Host Adrienna Turner has been nominated and on the air since November 2008, after 2 years, she is looking at new ways to do less and still make it one of the best shows on the airwaves. With three Internet-radio programs, she'll take a break in June (no shows scheduled) and then will merge Dream 4 More Radio (4th scheduled date of the weekly segments) with Adrienna Turner Show. It will be renamed: Adrienna Turner's Dream4More Radio (A.T. Dream4More Radio).

We will still utilize both email accounts, depending on showcase. Email:,

We are also seeking pastors, ministers, prayer warriors, etc. for Dream Yours Midnight Hour. Review our site: and click on radio to see how you can be a part of the show. We suggest to listen to Episode 10, since we got the most responses with this guest speaker/reverend at

Please fill out this survey for A.T. Show and will update our time/day by May. Break in June. Resume in July or so! Survey:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friends 2 Lovers Review

Friends 2 LoversFriends 2 Lovers by Jonathan Anthony Burkett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this book, there are some major issues and challenges covered inside such as Troy, 20-year-old, high school student (which he is nearly passed the age limit of 21 or number of years to be in school versus obtaining his GED); parents rely on Claude, 17-year-old senior to graduate and be the successful one of the family; and how family’s secrets lead to rivalries between the next generation. Troy Daniel is the bad boy; some would view as a split-image of his father’s past behaviors growing up at his age. He is willing to lie down his life if anything ever happens to his brother, Claude. Claude cares deeply for his best friend, Kelly, who is unable at first to see beyond their friendship. Their father, Charles, even hides the fight that broke-out between Stanley and his son, Robert, because Stan rammed into his BMW. This was so immature and childish for men to fight over a car bump, when they could have handled this in a more civilized manner such as call the police, report the accident, and contact their insurance providers. This fight between grown men, later involved their children too. We have to be mindful of our actions and responses since it also has a bearing on our offspring (children). I hope the author was trying to point this out in the book as well.

Overall, this book exemplifies a teenage love affair that displays love in words, expression, and poetry but love takes action as Kelly’s mother, Latoya, mentioned in the reading (Show Me motto). In the earlier readings, we see friends become lovers or friends-with-benefits and Claude admits that he loves Kelly like family (sister). However, we see love without commitment and Claude prefers to remain friends and not lose their close-relationship but making love is on a deeper level than just friends, or sister-like relationship he expressed to Latoya. Later, he can’t deny no matter how hard he tries that he has to be with his first love.

This book would be great for older teens (15-19). It was well-written as far as descriptive, some characters sounded similar and had to re-read on some parts to make sure who was speaking, and very proper-speaking characters versus Ebonics or slang with some teenagers today. Even great writers/authors are still learning the differences between ‘showing and not telling’ and read many authors works in some capacity still tell us the story in their narrative voices or descriptions. As an author too, I still work on this notion in my fiction writings. This book was over 350 pages, which the college life was slow and could have been written shorter to keep the grips of the reader (or eliminated); easily could have been 250 pages or less.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream 4 More: Release the Weight and Don't Wait!

We are doing it on my FB Adrienna Dionna Turner Like page. Join today, 30-days from now, we will see weight loss and who did you choose...only serious inquiries. We need support and encouragement, what works and doesn't work. Log and speak on the notion. Courtney opened a closed group called "Support-Encouragement" and spiritual encouragement with "God is in the Equation" closed group on Facebook.

Discussion here:

Courtney can add those to the group accordingly. We have to put our name, age, was (weight now), and now (30-days later) and height is optional! Also, you can get Essence March/April issues to read further details. No more excuses.

I like Kacy's! You can choose yours.

Take a Class

"Having a degree doesn't mean you can ever stop learning. Find Webinars, seminars, and crash courses at your target industry's trade association (or literary). You'll still gain the knowledge and may get a break on the tuition fees." Essence, April 2011 Issue, p. 148.

Therefore, this is why I'm offering my knowledge, reading, and research on such topics: literary, social media/networking, dream experience series, writing/editing, and more. You can send your suggestions or inquiries to for future classes that I can consider.

Join us March 10 or 12th (Thurs/Sat) at 9pm EST. $5.50 Paypal to

We will add Paypal buttons also to the site on "Dream Experience Series" on How to be an Award-Winning Author.

Been asked, now you can hear it from the source. Q&A, take notes, and feedback.

Monday, March 7, 2011

First Teleclass of 2011 only $5

*We are starting sessions for only $5.50 (Paypal) on the phone and/or online. Thursdays starting March 10th at 6 pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST for 30 minutes or so and Saturdays at same times for replay sessions of lesson who can't make Thursday sessions.

Payment sent via mail (postmarked) or payment online via email or Paypal by sending monies to 5 Sessions: $27.50.

5 minimum or cancel the classes.

1. How to be an Award-Winning Author (this Thursday)

Payment needs to be rendered at least 3 hours prior before session begins. We send an email reminder 1 day and 1 hour before the actual teleclass date.


"It's a belief system..what you believe about yourself. I believe that I'm talented. I believe that I have something to give. I believe that the best is yet to come. I've done good work, but I still think there's a great work ahead." --by Angela Basset in March issue of Essence (p. 117).

Dream 4 More Firm concept is you take a dream, write it down and make it plain, and then you apply it for others to see. We love to see dreams bloom into existence but it starts with a dream or vision or goal...therefore, what are you dreaming and believing for?


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