Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Dream Experience Series 1: Dreaming Again and Invest in You coming Jan/Feb 2010. Time to invest in a better you.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dream 4 More: new Dream Services, updated site and book club: Join 2day in 2010.
We are getting saturated with 2012, apocalyptic themes, & look forward to Unleashing the Spirit, Vol. 1-3 & Miss the Mark Series 2010 by me.

Grab Your Dreams and Move

Hello Dreamers! It's the cusp of a New Year! We don't know what the New Year holds for each of us, but I can tell you that I am assured that God does hold our futures in the palms of His mighty hands.

I want to take just a moment to encourage you to grab hold of your dreams! Make the decision to bring your dreams into the realm of reality. Everyday we are dying, that's a given fact, so while we are living, why not live your dreams, go 4 your dreams, believe in your dreams and work your dreams. Ask God for His guidance, direction and favor so that your dreams can be fulfilled.

Here's to the best of dreams to you in 2010! Live Your Dreams Now! Dream 4 More and then Dream Sunmore!

Shelia E. Lipsey

Monday, December 28, 2009

Deondriea Cantrice Review

Rhythm Can't Keep Time: Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough. Deondriea Cantrice. GSH Publishing. $15.00 (U.S.)/$20.00 (Canada). Rating: 5. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us.

It is funny how time flies when your having fun, as we get inside the emotions of Sheridyn while she is getting-to-know Sterling. Besides the maybe-lies and drunk dates, Sheridyn has a sexual attraction for a fine black brother--Sterling. She is also getting over a first love, Rod, and wonder if Sterling is the real-deal, lovy-dovy, or just a rebound.

We see many women that are in-and-out of relationships. Deondriea weaved a relationship rendezvous until love finds you. It may not be the person you spent the most time with and with the hopes of being the one. There are some underlining subliminal messages too. This is not your ordinary romance book, it takes you into the mindset (or emotions) of most relationships today in a fiction-story piece.

I love these poetic lines from the book, "People can only love to the capacity at which they know, understand, or experience. Love is not a scale of orgasmic screams. Distinct rhythm, but there are only so many beats to a measure. Melodies are heartfelt and reach the soul, but every song has a timeless rhythm. Dance partners change as dances fade away because partners aren't promised, but the cadence of true love last forever." How deep is your love?

*This is the second publication under GSH Publishing. First publication was reviewed by Dream 4 More Reviews in Sept. 2009 under Outskirts Publishing.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner

*This is the opinion of the reviewer, does not relate to the views or opinions of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. The book was received by the author to give a book review free of charge.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let your Day Begin in 2010: Dream 4 More

We have 20% and 10% off deals going until May 1, 2010...a New Year Gift and B-day Gift from founder, Adrienna D. Turner (whose birthday is May 2).

Check out the site for details on homepage:

Tell us how to make your dream a reality!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Win a Future Copy of God is in the Equation

Answer these seven question and bonus is optional to be qualified for winning a copy of "God is in the Equation" in hopes to be released in Fall/Winter of 2010. I am currently finishing up the nonfiction book and seeking a publisher. If you know of any publishers to submit for a nonfiction/spiritual book, I am open to suggestion to be emailed to After answering the seven questions, please include your name and email to contact you directly if you are a chosen winner by May 2010.

Bonus: What does "God in the Equation" means to you?

1. Preparation: What are you doing to prepare for God's purpose?
2. Study: What concepts or strategies are you doing to achieve your goals to meet God's plan? Faith + Focus= Achieved Results
3. Adding: Who are you adding in your network or circle of friends--these divine connections to achieve God's ultimate purpose?
4. Subtracting: What are some things you have to eradicate, remove, or omit from your life to remain on God's mission for your life?
5. Multiply: What does "expand" or "multiply" your territory means to you? God said, "to multiply and be fruitful".
6. Division: There are tests, obstacles, and distractions put in your path to get you off-course. Name some of these distractions or things to divide us from the path God has set for us.
7. Equation: What is in your equation?

The three contestants who are chosen by May 1, 2010 will receive an email confirmation, will have a chance for their quotes to be posted in the upcoming novel with permission (and name will be added to the book), and receive a copy once the book has been published and released to the winners.

Is God in your equation?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review is in: Lama Milkweed Augustine, Ph.D

My Father, My Nazi by Lama Milkweed Augustine, PhD. Jones Harvest Publishing. 2009. $20.00. Rating: 5 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us!

My Father, My Nazi is an enriching and terrifying story to read. How can a man's loyalty to serve "beloved Fuhrer" be as sincere as it is to his family?

Lama Milkweed takes you inside of the mindset of Gerd Guggenheim, a Nazi regime, who serves under Adolf Hitler in Berlinisch (Berlin). Hitler plans to create a stronger Germany, finding loyal SS bodyguards to abide to his horrendous schemes. Gerd was a follower and enforcer under Hitler's laws since the age of 19 and married Greta at 16, because she was with child. This also was a time during National Socialism (Nazism), German political movement in 1920 accompanied by the National Socialist German Workers Party. We, the readers, see how these young men were enchanted under the supremacy of Adolf Hitler, "beloved Fuhrer".

Lama outlines the story of a dedicated-loyal Nazi that takes his family from the ruler-ship under Hitler, to relocate to America, because he could not handle the atrocities forced to perform and witnessed after the lines of his confession. We later see Gerd suffer from what most militant soldiers experience is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, where he was unable to see his realities vs. past war tactics when he was under Hitler's leadership. I was nearly in tears to see how Gerd was willing to take his own life because of his failures. We can relate to this notion whether we are ex-militants or not, with self-worth removed from our very souls--we feel useless and incapable beings to a point of suffering from suicidal thoughts. These historical accounts reads like a documentary-story.

If you like to read historical events and people, autobiographical accounts, and true stories, you will be pleased with this story.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
5 stars--Wooed Us!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Review: Monique Mensah

Vivid detail and an equally titillating plot make ‘Who is He to You’ an absolute page turner. Monique D. Mensah’s writing is literary awesomeness. The story arouses a multitude of emotions as the lives of three ladies are intimately revealed, ultimately colliding to meet an unexpected end.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienne Adams, Wooed Us!

Disclaimer: This book was received by the author to get a book review free of charge. Opinions of the reviewer.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vanessa Richardson: Love Found Me

Review is In:

series,inspirational suspense fiction,Vanessa Richardson,GSH Publishing

Love Found Me by Vanessa Richardson, GSH Publishing, 12/19/09, $15.00. Rating: 5. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us.

Vanessa Richardson delivers an electrifying, undeniable love story between two people who do not believe it is happening immediately before their very eyes and their hearts beating at a rapid rate. Their first encounter speaks for itself.

We first meet Michael and his twin brother, Bryan, and see their agape love for one another regardless of their different lifestyles, paths, and personalities. Then, we see Shelia Lawton, who does not want to go back in the house of God with her best friend and colleague Rayna Peterson. These ladies met at college and remained friends since. We see Rayna go from graduating in Political Science/Pre-law major to wanting to become partner at Hudson, Fist, and Hudson law firm. Shelia majored in Sociology is now working as a Domestic Violence Counselor.

Vanessa captures the readers attention from the Prologue, where you do not want to stop reading and complete in one-sitting. I enjoyed reading every character in the book, also seeing love electrifying over the emotions and souls of the characters--where I can picture them in my mind as if it is a TV series on Lifetime. I cannot wait for the sequel. This is a must-read, especially if you love inspirational-suspense (or Christian Fiction, Contemporary Romance).

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
5 stars--Wooed Us!

Check out other reviews and listen to past reviews on Dream 4 More Radio at:

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Panel Discussion on Dream4More

Please tell us as authors what you expect from publishers. Publishers share what you expect from authors.

Why are there competitive spirits among AA authors? Is it only our ethnic group? Does this happen among other authors, genres, or events?

Does it seem like larger published authors are stand-offish, arrogant or mean to those who are starting out with small/independent publishers,or self published authors?

We have other panel discussion for this event. You are welcome to post your comments and suggestions. We will be live on BTR at at 5:00 PM Central Time. Come join us on this intellectual discussion on Sunday, December 20th.Call in number 347-989-0702. chat room is available while online too.

Dream Now,



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