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Rahiem Brooks' Con Test:Double Life Review

Con TestCon Test by Rahiem Brooks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The author (Rahiem Brooks) sets up the scene in the first chapter, a scene for disaster about to happen at Wachovia Bank, where a cunning robbery takes place right in the teller’s face without any fingerprints to leave a trail behind. Justice Lorenzo had a photographic memory and good with numbers for his line of dirty work. He’s linked to Loss Prevention for his Identity Theft crimes, but nothing can stick because no fingerprints, surveillance cameras recycle their tapes every few months and his crime happened several months back, and he’s on a roll without a trace. He’s learned the system after doing this crime for twenty-four years.

On the other hand, William Fortune points out some writing issues and choices that authors have to make because their publishers are not necessarily into a good story but one that is salable.

There are some parts of the story that are action-packed, brilliantly written and jovial, as we gather into William’s character—some parts are a tad bit slow but cleverly linking the pieces together with the fast-lane, action-thriller, identity theft criminal known as Justice (JL). We have good boy versus bad boy. We see a story weaved into a fictional story that holds some truth because his buddy feeds it to him. The creative side of the author, Rahiem Brooks, he intertwines the story within a story to see the real story of his characters as the reader waits for the mystery of the story to unleash.

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Rain in your Dreams!

We see rain pouring
while we keep soaring
we are believing that our dreams will come to fold
whether young or old
once our dreams become a reality, it's sold
don't let loose of your dreams
no matter how dim it seems
you can change gears
after observing over the years
God-given gifts are given
how are you livin'
are you sharing your dream with others
that stemmed from our fathers and mothers
continue to soar for more
that's why we are called Dream 4 More

(c) Copyright April 3, 2011 by author Adrienna D. Turner


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