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Twisted Seduction by N'Tyse (Adrienna Reviews)

Twisted Seduction: A NovelTwisted Seduction: A Novel by N'tyse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While reading Twisted Seduction, I was waiting for the twists with a taste of seduction. N’Tyse does tip over the scale of the erotic-ness and seduction of luring married couples sleeping with the opposite sex. Married Denise Jackson sleeps with married Greg Adams, with the expectation of things going further but surprisingly, he lets her know clearly it is just an affair and nothing more. Denise, best friend, Nadine after three years of sexually admiring her husband, Jeff, finally gets him between those legs. Pregnancy happens unexpectedly, seeing other options outside of an abortion to adoption, but what do women expect who have sex without always staying protected. Denise plans all backfire—divorce, sexual affair goes no further than what meets between her thighs, lies comes to the light about her daughter, and best friend Nadine ends. While reading towards the end of the novel, not sure whether to smack Denise for her foolish mindset or laugh at her for her credulous behavior regardless of her intellectual mindset as a business woman.

As for Jeff Jackson, after a failed marriage and results of paternity test, he went haywire and so does his sexual appetite to the gentleman’s night club. What a place to drown his sorrows and meet his fleshly needs. I wait to see what comes of his life after divorce, and not being the father—shutting his dreams down the drain. Sadly, the part tore to my heart was when he had to downsize employees to prevent bankruptcy for the company he managed and firing special people in the department. I truly know the reality of being downsized and even unemployment for periods of time.

What does it take you to go through to wake up to reality? The ending of the novel, let’s see how some realities give us that “wake-up call” to see it all.

I received a copy from the publisher/publicist of Simon and Schuster for a review.

Adrienna Turner,
Author of "God is in the Equation" and "The Day Begins with Christ"
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Friendship Breaks Barriers by R. Oliver and Lakiesha Oliver

Friendship Breaks BarriersFriendship Breaks Barriers by R. Jenkins-Oliver
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title of book: Friendship Breaks Barriers
Author’s name: R. Jenkins-Oliver with Lakiesha Oliver
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Release date (or anticipated release): 3/16/2012
ISBN: 978 161863 160-2
ASIN (if applicable): Boo7szgza0
Specs: 24 pages 8x 11 paperback
Category: Children Picture Book
Website (optional): http://hstrial-rjenkinsoliver.homeste...

Review Summary:
This is a tale about Sidney and her pet cat, Toby. Toby came from a litter of 5, but was overjoyed to be in the cuddly arms of its owner, Sidney. Toby shares his adventures outdoors, at the vet, and at home playing with his toys. Once Toby had his own screen room, he was meeting all types of animals at the screen door—new friends. Later, wondered what happened to his new friends around the way—animal control on patrol. As a cat owner, this story was enjoyable and relatable.

Dream Moment: The humorous part of the story is where Sidney tried to take Toby for a walk on a leash.

Dream 4 More: At the end of the children picture book is an unscramble game of words. Can you see (or figure out) the words? Then you take the picture words next to the actual picture of the animals as a learning/teaching tool for kids 4-9 years old. Lastly, draw your favorite pet/animal on the last page.

Dream 4 More Reviews has received “Friendship Breaks Barriers” by the author for a book review.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
What a Dream!
Adrienna Turner

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Party Time by Pat Tucker (Adrienna Reviews)

Party Girl: A NovelParty Girl: A Novel by Pat Tucker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pat Tucker pens Party Girl, not only does the title set you up for the read but the cover as well. While reading on the job, some stared or wondered what the book was all about. Tucker had a great concept on “Texas Law of Parties” whereas Hope Jenay Donovan was sentenced to death for a murder she didn’t commit. Conversely, Adena wanted to see her “True Justice” for the brutal murder of her beloved husband and setup a committee of parents/mothers for the 5 years Hope was incarcerated. She became excited to see that after 5 years that Hope was ready to set a date for her execution but her family and friends wondered after this long period of time that Hope would go forth and expedite execution—guess she lost her fight. There were a pair of jail mates that kept her faith and gave her hope, then civil leader and Rev. Al Sharpton comes to see Hope and plead in her behalf of the ill-treatment for someone who is not guilty, based on a line of events to defend her case. This is not the first case; one similar to Hope's is the Todd Willingham’s case. After his death row was revealed of his innocence, to discover that he wasn’t guilty of the alleged crime. This gave Hope faith but she went back three steps and wants to get it over with!

Some readers may shake their head to see a loved mother and wife, who never pulled the trigger, just happened to hop in a ride of her homeboys due to her borrowed car breaking down and needed a ride. However, Q and Trey, who actually committed the crime but all were arrested for a brutal convenience store robbery. Side note: I wished to see more of this brutal crime, and what actually happened to Q too.

Brendon Donovan believed his wife innocence and fought for their love to be reunited but after all was said and done; he moves on and sleeps with someone close to her. On the other hand, her sister, Chastity is holding it down to take care of sister’s kids over these 5 years while her sister is behind bars but refuses to visit or respond to the numerous letters sent from Hope. She has an unstable relationship with a demanding boyfriend, Trey, and undernourished feelings for her brother-in-law, Brendon that should've never flourished in the first place. Trey accuses her of this fatal attraction and reminds her of what he had to give up being with her—making this unbalanced relationship work. My personal dilemma was how could Chastity date a married man and the same one who was responsible for the crime that her sister is behind bars? Moreover, I was glad to see Hope get over the “victim mentality” and others to encourage Hope to want to live once more, and seek justice beyond this stupid law. Fight for your rights.

Although this novel derives from the Texas Law of Parties, if a murder occurs during the process of a crime that all parties are eligible for the death penalty. Many would say “at the wrong place at the wrong time” and this is a debatable issue of capital punishment. Will Hope be a “dead woman walking”? Did anyone have substantial evidence to stick on Hope’s case? Did the police or detectives get involved in this case, or only base it on the law of parties to send an innocent women to the electric chair long as justice is served? There were some things unanswered, and oddly didn’t tie securely together for me in this read. Is there a sequel? I hope there is a sequel to resolve all the unsolved mysteries. On the other hand, the romantic connections/relations between the couples went limp for me. Yes, it was clear that so-and-so was dating or sleeping with so-and-so, but I longed for the soul ties.

Key quote in the entire novel was “I had hung my faith on the wrong things too many times (page 210).”

Her writing style was error-free, and an easy, smooth read. Tucker rails you in the opening chapter with your tongue out, clueless, until you get midway in the novel to start putting the pieces together of the puzzle. After chapter one, fast forwards to five years later, and then wait to see how it opens and unleashes the demons before our very eyes.

*I received a copy from the publicist of Simon and Schuster for a review.

Adrienna Turner,
Author of "God is in the Equation" and "The Day Begins with Christ"

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The Mind of a Poetic UnsubThe Mind of a Poetic Unsub by Greatest Poet Alive
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: The Mind of a Poetic Unsub
Author: G.P.A.
Publisher: AZ Publishing
Release date (or anticipated release): 2011
ISBN: 978-1-936037-39-1
Specs: soft cover, 115
Category: Poetry

Review Summary:
G.P.A. has written two previous poetry books that had rave reviews for this fairly new poetic voice on the scene and renowned for his lustful, sensual, and erotic poetry/prose for books like “The Book of 24 Orgasms” and “The Confessional Heart of a Man.” Surprisingly, this is the first time I got a chance to read this author’s creative work. As an author of poetry and other works, this ridiculously diverse poetic style where in this book he wanted to incorporate French/Latin/Italian formats of poetry such as cinquain, villanelle, sestina, and a short story. There are humorous, comical moments, tragedy moments, ah-moments, and even twisted-what-the-heck moments too while reading these poems/prose. This poetic vessel knows how to draw you in and anchor on your erotic soul to passionately and lustfully dive in for such a sensation that screams “encore” as you skip to the end section entitled The Land of the Multiples.

Dream Moment(s): The poem I Am a Good Man ended so dramatically true where his uniqueness dignified that he cannot be the celebrity-attention men who are noted for sexiness, or drive a luxury car, but to stick to God’s plan to what it takes to be a good man. There were a few others I enjoyed reading The Helicopter, Wait for Me (Please Don’t), and Beautiful Woman (sounds like me).

Nightmare(s): There were some minor punctuation issues but still readable material (e.g. pm should be p.m.).

Dream 4 More: This humble poet accepts his demise as a published author when submitting his book to review groups/clubs, where he shares that ‘honesty may be the best policy’ to those reviewers who just don’t like to read poetry. How well do we take criticism, rejection, or false pretenses—read Everyone Hates G.P.A. poem. If not already, he should consider selling versions on audio CD or audio book to really have people snapping, clapping and shouting, “Soar 4 your encore”!

Dream 4 More Reviews has received “The Mind of a Poetic Unsub” by the author for a book review.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
What a Dream and Sweet Dreams (3.75)
Adrienna Turner

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