Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Your Books in the Bookstore and More

Get your books in Bookstores and More:

There are authors, who are self-published, independent, or traditional published are eager to see their books in the bookstores and mega stores such as Wal-Mart. Some will search the answers to place their books in local bookstores, contact the book owners via phone, in person, and/or email to see how they can get their book shelved in their stores. Others will rely on the traditional publishers to do all the legwork for marketing, distribution, and housing their books in the bookstores locally and/or globally.

We have to establish their budgetary parameters. This is where most book stores have consignments for authors to sign. They are considered about their budgets and other expenses to shelf your book. Most consignments are 60/40, meaning that the author receives only 60% of book sales and the seller receives 40% of the book sales. There are some who will only ask for 20% and the author will receive 80%. Therefore, you are offering a cut of the sales to the bookseller or bookstore owner to carry your books that you supply. You will sign one-sheet paperwork to agree to these terms. If you sell all your copies, they will contact you directly to get more books from you based on supply-demand. You are responsible to pick up your books that did not sell. You will receive a copy of the terms. Most of these local books stores are willing to take in local authors books.

However, some authors prefer to sell their books on their own for 100% of sales. What happens to availability for customers to get your books? It is best to have your books available at other venues, vendors, and online retailers. Most people are looking at online retailers such as Amazon that takes 60-70% of royalties (or book sales percentage as the author receives the remaining amount). For example, if a book costs $15.00, then Amazon or some book retailers will get $9.00 and the author will receive $6.00. You have to take in value the costs of the books you bought too. Some self-published authors will be charged as much as $10.00 per copy of retail priced book of $15.00. You are discounted at 20-60% off the retail price. Exception of Amazon and online retailers, in owned or small book store businesses, they will hold your book at least six months to two years and will return to you if you do not sell a copy within this time span.

We also can make deals with book marketers, who will promote and sell your books. They normally will charge a monthly or yearly fee to promote your books. Are you comfortable with paying upfront costs and then selling them discounted books? Do your homework and research by checking BBB (Better Business Bureau), how long have they been in business, what type of business, and how they will benefit you. I have seen Black Shopping Network and other online marketers to sell your product and books. Are you willing to pay the cost to be the boss? What is your benefit? Is it primarily for book sales or for your potential buyers to have other resources to buy your products such as your books?

Be careful of scams, because you want your dream to be a reality. If it sounds too good to be true, it is not good. If they charge you annual fees, and want to buy your books at 60% off, and will only send you a payment after the books are mailed to them, who wins here? It is not guaranteed you will receive a check after mailing the books to them, which you are also responsible for shipping and handling. Is it worth the 40% of your book retail prices, and not guaranteed your check in the mail after shipping books to a business or person that just started an outlet to help authors (as they say).

We have to develop a clear vision, which is our mission statement. We need a clear idea or statement of your budgeting or marketing goals. You have to define your niche within a competitive marketplace, or your target audience and population that you are catering your book(s) to. More importantly, you have to define your market and who your potential buyers are. You have to set a guideline, time line, or commitment to your goals. In addition, most traditional publishers will allow the author to get 40-60% discounted from the retail price to have their book available for customer sells, book events, and seminars/conferences.

Credits: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Cultural Connection, Reader's Choice, Woodland Book Store, and Author's insight and perspective when working with these businesses to sell books.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dream 4 More Showcase

Hooray! We start our first showcase on November 1, 2009 at 5 p.m. Central Time at

Call in number: 347-989-0702.

We have guest speaker and author: Anjuelle Floyd.

Host: Adrienna Turner
Co-Hosts: Shelia E. Lipsey and Pamela S. King, guest hosts are welcome too.

Topic: Dream 4 More.

We will post in a week or two our book giveaway contest and how you can enter or win.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Review: Joy E. Turner

Content...Right Where I Am

There are so many people that are goal-driven, but not purpose-driven. We strategically and effectively plan our days to tailor to our own selfish needs and wants.

In Joy E. Turner's book, Content...Right Where I Am, gives enriching stories and real-life experiences to see how we can be content where we are. However, we should not be content with who we are, until we uncover what God's will is for our lives. Moreover, we have the right to be content or discontent with our current circumstances, or to take the responsibility to pray (or call on God) to God to see our situation change.

Joy explains the meaning of "faith." Her terminology of faith is beyond measure, where she gives an equation of faith equates to belief (trust in God) and add action (our obedience). Then, she tells us the acronym of JOY, is Jesus--Others--You. Her lovely name meaning these things, is the order of things, we are to abide in God's perfect plan to discover contentment. This is a must-read when you are not content in your situation right now!

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna "Dream Reviewer" Turner, 4 stars, Sweet Dreams!

New Contest: Win a copy of "Ace of Hearts" By Jean Holloway

You have to join and leave your comments on the BLOG at until MIDNIGHT EST. I hope you enjoy your copy!

We will have other contests in November/December. Please make sure you review, read, and leave your comments on the site when these contests begin. Dream 4 More Now.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Dream 4 More Review

Julia Royston: How Hot is Your Live Life? Return to Your First Love.

Julia Royston writes a devotional book to dedicate our love and time back to God, who is our first love. She delivers a well-thoughtful project since it has a topic heading in relation to God's Word, Scriptures, content on this topic, and song with an ending prayer. She also uses parables, analogies, and metaphors to engage the audience in her ultimate message--able to see it as God does. This is not your typical devotional book since it adds a song in reference to the chapter (topic heading). Since she is a singer, songwriter, and also motivational speaker, she knew how to intertwine songs with a message of God in the daily devotions to our Heavenly Father.

Dream 4 More Reviews, Adrienna "Dream Reviewer" Turner, 3.5 stars, What a Dream!

Please review past reviews: Dream 4 More Reviews also Author Requested Reads! Will it be you! Dream 4 More Now.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dream Interview w/ Dream Author: Shelia E. Lipsey

Dream Interview posted on

She is our contributing author on our blogspot and co-host on Dream 4 More showcase that starts in November 2009 ( She was live on our Inspirational Showcase at

Review her interview and get a copy of her latest book, "Beautiful Ugly."

Please leave your comments!

Dream Interview w/ Dream Author: Joy Turner

Dream Interview posted on

She has been on our Inspirational Showcase on September 26th at and we plan to have her on Dream 4 More showcase in the near future. Read her interview on our site and check out her book, "Content Right Where I Am."

Please leave your comments.

Dream Interview w/ Dream Author: Julia Royston

Dream Interviews posted on

You will be able to hear her live on Dream 4 More showcase at tune in on November 15th, Sunday, at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. Please leave your comments and review the site to see this woman of God!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Are You Ready?

God is working something good in you! Let it shine for the world to see. Are you ready for what God has to offer? Are you still sitting around, waiting for God to bring and deliver your blessings directly to you? Faith is dead without works...are you doing what God has put in your spirit. We can believe and trust, but sitting around does nothing if we are not putting effort in the purpose God put in you.

My spiritual coach, Jaime Rohadfox, wrote a e-book called "You Need A Coach, Not A Couch." You can find out more details at her site:

I am also doing what God has put in my spirit. To go out on faith and start a literary consulting firm for new and aspiring authors called Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm (March 2009) and co-hosting a new showcase at starting in November 2009. I am also writing books that God has birthed in me, and some of my fiction projects are on hold, to write nonfiction.

The Day Begins with Christ
Desire At Will (December 2009)
Unleashing the Spirit
God is in the Equation (working on it now)
Counsel Me Lord to be a Vessel For Christ (working on soon)
The Fruits of My Labor (with co-authors in the future)
Inspirational Fiction Series: Miss the Mark

Now, I am back into an inspirational play called "Are you Ready?" to get back into my acting and memorizing lines! What are you doing that God has placed in your spirit? Are you Ready for what God has called you to do?

Dream Yours,
Adrienna Turner


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