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North MysticNorth Mystic by M J Evans

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The opening of the book starts off about a wealthy parent, Mrs. Callahan seeking a new sitter, but oddly doesn't have to interact with the kids. The new sitter has state-of-the-art technology to monitor with video footage and speak to the children on a microphone. Reading this bothered me dearly since I used to be a caregiver, no interaction, touch, but only directing and seeing children on technological equipment and expecting them to behave practically on their own.

A chapter later, the adventure begins...what's behind the door to explore. This takes me back to when I first read C.S. Lewis' children novel "Chronicles of Narnia." Although the adventure starts with precious jewels, gold, and meeting Leprechauns and hearing about the horrid stories of the trolls who kept requiring their gold even though the Vikings are no more, this former teacher (M.J. Evans) finds a way to not only make this novel adventurous but a tool for showcasing historical events around 1062AD where the Vikings were destroyed by the King of England. It also teaches independence, to fight for what you believe in and hold so dearly, and strategically as well as collectively unite as a unit to win the battle that lies ahead. Each person uses their talents, intellect, or former learning skills to stand against their worst enemy with speaking up for their rights or simply will have to physically fight. This adventure finds a way for young people to see and utilize their talents collectively and freely to do what is right for the common good.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seasons of Purdah by Anjuelle Floyd Review

Anjuelle Floyd sophomore novel, Seasons of Purdah, Floyd embraces love, friendship, and relationships in a triangular scope. Sahel has deeply cared or loved her two male best friends: Titus and Carl; however, she married Titus. Once she loses her sight, she has past memories that alarms her heart and wishes she'd picked the one she loved, not who her mother felt was best for her. A stranger, James, raises the heat because of the conviction of his health condition versus Sahel reminds him of his past lover that didn't choose him. It's like reverse psychology at its best in relationships.

The readers sees the depth of the relationship between the two best friends and did she choose the wrong one but as James suddenly comes into her life, she sees how it happened in reverse and he's left holding the hurt and pain from a major decision not based on love.

If you love romance and psychological aspects coming into play, then you will enjoy this read. Relational readers that can see the connection, the binding forces and factors that untangle, then you will be inspired and heart transpires the most important aspect in relationships--love. Moreover, if you believe in DREAMS and able to see each other realities through each other eyes, then this will be a sweet dream journey read for you.

My only issue with the novel was the redundancy with the dream about the Kingdom of Purdah, Sahel's blindness in relation to her love for Titus, and a few other incidents reiterated throughout the novel from beginning to end.

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