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Encouraging Words from "Peace from Broken Pieces"

Iyanla Vanzant teaches so many life lessons by sharing her own experiences in her latest book, "Peace from Broken Pieces" and will share some that derived from the book during a reading. I have not completed it, but want to share some of these passages (author's paraphrased).

"realized...the right place, the right time, doing the wrong thing." p. 106. How many of us feel that we have divine connections such as meeting the right people, to get us on the right path, and at the right time but feel something is missing? I honed on this passage since I feel like I did all the right things, at the right place, and at the right time but feel maybe I chose the wrong career path. I went to college when there were scholarships available; when school was not as expensive as it is today and met the right people to do what I needed to do. But some will say, due to my unemployment recessions that maybe I chose the wrong field. However, I feel God will direct our path when we seek Him in the decision-making process and this is what I've been doing with every step I've taken. Yet, at other times, I did things that appeared good and felt right. We need to quit basing on our emotions and seek YHWH. Therefore, I do not regret anything that I've done but seek YHWH for the dreams and visions for my life. My Pastor Lori Wilke spoke last night (Wednesday, February 23rd in last School of Ministry session) that God will put pictures (or dreams and visions) in our minds. We have to be mindful whether we allow negative or positive images in our minds.

Another valuable lesson that I took from the book so far, she followed pattens also an extension from family curses or generational that passed in her lineage too. She also had a pattern in relationships: meet a man, sleep with a man, fall in love with that man, and get dissed by the man. She was able to learn from these transitions and failed relationships and finally walked into her calling or destiny for life. We can all think about the cycles we keep following and break those negative patterns. We have to get to the root of the problem.

Moreover, she mentions about 'contaminating words' can make us feel like we are never good enough. She compared herself to spiritual leaders who were successful when she was not at the time. We should not compare ourselves to others (2 Cor. 10:12). We have to quit comparing to their livelihood, public acclaim, status, experience, education, and so forth. I've even done the same thing when YHWH told me to write "The Day Begins with Christ" where I looked at my credibility and authority such as theology degrees, ministry background (experience), and so forth but God knew I could do so because He said so. We need to stop comparing and competing and meeting God where He is and know that we are the qualified vessels to complete the goal He assigned us to accomplish.

For her career path, she was busy, classes filled when she done workshops, but was still broke. I can relate to this notion when I've been on radio, now TV, and other online appearances but not a book sale or business is very slow. Yet, I am busy but broke. This is not in the equation. Or as we say, "It doesn't add up." Therefore, Iyanla speaks on page 115 that she loved what she did and a time of prosperity would come. How many of us said this line too! My time will come. She even opened to a broader audience, not just black women and men as she previous did. She made so many accomplishments from a welfare mom to completing law school and then doctoral degree in Religion, from writing her books to become a popular speaker-teacher with great cash advances, and still didn't feel complete.

"Your personal lie circulates throughout your entire being and determines how you move." p. 117 She explains how we have to look at our internal landscape (that I would say "internal makeup") which are our perceptions and misconceptions about life to fit in the scheme of things. What is our 'core' beliefs? What are we speaking aloud? We can either speak life or death in our situations. As my Pastor Lori Wilke said in Wednesday service, we speak curses by the words we say. We need to stop speaking negative things (e.g. I can't find work or can't get a job, no one will hire me, I will never amount to anything, I will never be successful, or I'm stupid to let this happen again). Check your mouth: think before you speak! I have been practicing this lately too. I've also been speaking the promising scriptures to keep pressing through the hardships. "God will supply all my needs." "He will not forsake me or leave me." "He will direct my path." These are some examples to stay encouraged! What are you saying....or keep playing with your destiny.

Adrienna Turner, award-winning author of "The Day Begins with Christ" and next release is "God is in the Equation."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogging for Marketing and PR

Social Media provides the way people share ideas, content, thoughts, and relationship online. Social media differs from so-called "mainstream media" anyone can create, comment on, add social media content. Text, audio, video, images, and comments. Blogs, wikis, photo sharing, etc. (p. 38)

4 Uses of Blogs for Marketing and PR
1. Easily monitor--what people say about you, market you who you sell to, organization, and products
2. Participate in conversations by commenting on blogs
3. Work with bloggers who write about you industry, company, or products
4. Share those conversations by creating and writing your own blog

Barack Obama, our 44th President, had a successful "new marketer" in history. We need to study his campaign tactics to adapt ideas for business.
*Digital tools and technologies
*55% adults, 74% Internet users (Smith's report)
*45% wired Americans watched videos online politics/election. Young adults 18-29 years old watched online political videos this election cycle.
*33% Internet users shared digital political content with others
*52% social networking profile used their social network site for political purposes

^focus on buyers personas
^don't underestimate the importance of social media and new rules of marketing and PR
^clearly and simply articulate what you want people to believe
^don't obsess over the competition
^put your fans first
^don't interrupt your buyers
^negativity doesn't sell
^get your customers to talk about you
^take time for your family

Stick to your Plan: on the Web, you are what you publish.
(p. 135-139, author paraphrased)

Derived from New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meermon Scott.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Samara King Pre-Interview Questions

Dream 4 More Pre-Interview Questions to get to know Samara King:
1. What inspired you to write this book?
After reading an article online about several prisoners who were being released after serving years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, I begin to wonder how one would regain their life and love.
2. Share one of your dreams and how are you putting forth effort to make it a reality.
One of my dreams is to pursue my own business in the literary world. I’m currently doing that with the creation of the SK MINIs novella imprint of which Hot to the Touch is the premiere release and the establishment of Samara King Books. Touching people with my words is one of the legacies I want to leave behind one day and a daily goal as well.
3. Tell us 4 things that people would love to know about you (we don’t already know).
Hmmm, well. I love to dance.
My mother tells me I was born with red hair and that she named me after some character from a Western (not believing the later statement Mom.)
I love making characters real to the point I could carry conversation.
One of the greatest influences of my life was my maternal grandmother.
4. Name your future plans and how you’re building on that dream.
My future plans evolve around building more titles under Samara King Books, working on a script, seminars that will uplift women under the SK MINIs project as well as classes. I’ll also be offering writing workshops in liaison with Editor-Author Shonell Bacon under our joint venture, 2 Divas 2 Dimes.
5. Who are you bringing on the dream journey with you, if any?
My loved ones definitely. I do not think you can venture into a dream without some support from those closest to you in some respects.
6. Who are you modeling after or use as a living example to keep you accomplishing your writing talent?
There are many authors that I admire, but I really love tailoring my path to my own creativity. It ensures realness and truth.
7. Share in brief your writing process (e.g. time of hour you write, best time of the day or night, setbacks or disappointments, and obstacles to undergo as an author).
My writing practices vary from early morning writing sessions to evening time. It just depends on the project, the tone, the characters and the general flow of the story I’m trying to convey. There are times when I have to step away from the act of writing and in those times, I design, read, observe and learn. It’s all part of my writing process I think and it extends outside banging the keys of my laptop. Setbacks and disappointments are a part of life, in writing it is no different. Taking one day at a time and learning – sometimes ‘re-learning’ to enjoy the writing process is often needed.
8. What advice do you have for your readers and/or other authors? Nurturing your muse is a very important element in the writing journey. Switching what doesn’t work and trying alternate or various creative paths help a lot. It never hurts to shake up your creative process every now and then.

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SK MINI: Samara King

Author Name: Samara King
Book Title: Hot to the Touch
Publisher: Samara King Books
Synopsis or Blurb: A masked lover a year ago, Club Reign owner, Belinda Gilles threw the first Grown & Sexy Masquerade Ball without a hitch – that was until she encountered a masked man whose touch made her forget about her past. Did she dare to believe that her masked lover would show his face again?

What lies beneath…When Jordan Harris discovers that Belle is the woman he encountered under the mask a year ago, he sets out to make her his, even if it means opening old wounds she’d vowed to never forgive him for.

Book Specs (if available): Available in 7 electronic formats, including Amazon Kindle. Available also on and Amazon in print.

Featured on Adrienna Turner Show, nominee of Best Literary Talk Show (2010) and Host of the Year (2011). Mark your calendars. Come bring the FIRE, Sparks are flying and see why readers are dying after this author, Samara King, bringing her thing!

Time/Date: Saturday, March 12th, 11-11:30 p.m. EST
Live and Chat:
Call: 347-308-8612 (last 10 minutes for shout-outs, comments, and Q&A)

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Dream Moments: Trials to Triumphs with Rev. Eddie Wiggins

We have the pleasure of speaking with Rev. Edward Wiggins on Dream4More Radio on Dream Moments: Trials to Triumphs on March 6, Sunday, 6:00-6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You don't want to miss it. 347-989-0702.

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Meet The Author Segment

Adrienna Turner was interviewed on 2/3/11 and will post dates when it will be aired.

Meet the Author Requirements:
Milwaukee Writers Circle: Meet the Author

The Day Begins with Christ: Book Proceeds During Love Month of February 2011

The Day Begins with Christ is still on sale $15 (reg. $18.99 plus tax at retailers) and shipping and handling $5.00. Book proceeds will go to 50% to Dream Your Reality Prophecies Online Ministry Radio: Dream Yours Midnight Hour and 50% to a homeless shelter. If you want to donate any amount, go to

The Day Begins With ChristThe Day Begins With Christ by Adrienna Turner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a book that covers God's Laws (for man and woman); Eden Diet and Meat Eaters Diet (body as a temple); God in your home; Relationships such as singleness, courtship, marriage, and children; workplace; prayer life; social life; and glorifying the Lord (holy).

Spiritual journey for 50-days, "Let your Day Begin Activity" after each day, and Scripture Readings.

Since summer 2010 until 2011 year, I am reading the book to renew, refocus, and restore me. Second reading since in print.

It is one of the first non-fiction spiritual books I have written followed by Unleashing the Spirit (release date unknown), Desire at Will (December 2009 released), and Counsel me Lord (will write in 2011/2012 year). If you are into inspirational drama-suspense, read Miss the Mark Series...hope to be out in 2011 or so, and working on book 4 now of the 7 series.

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