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Dream 4 More Reviews update

We have updated our review process, please check out our site at Dream4More w/ Adrienna Turner for 2013 reading.

How to Quench a Thirst Born in the Wilderness by Ophelia Brown (Review)

How to Quench a Thirst Born in the WildernessHow to Quench a Thirst Born in the Wilderness by Ophelia Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once I saw the title of the book, I was intrigued to read it to quench my curiosity. As soon as I opened the pages, I could feel the compassion that the author felt for young women who are in uncommitted and unhealthy relationships in the first section of the poetry book (Encounters). Ophelia Brown may be sharing her own past experiences of heartache, not receiving the love she longed for in her past relationships, and heartbroken overall. Many young girls can relate and have been either naive or vulnerable to the meaning of love. I see this book for 18+ mature young women.

This is one of the first poetry books where I was captivated and sympathized with every word that I read of a hurting woman especially seeking for love in all the wrong places. These poetic words sung deeply in my soul (mind and emotions); which made it harder to chose my favorite ones. Finally, I concluded that in the section entitled Celebrate Myself had motivating and encouraging poems to continue to celebrate your feminist side or uniqueness. There were life-altering and life-changing with affirmation poems in which I loved the most: Requiem (p. 148), Midnight Walk (p. 31), and Once Tangled Wings (p. 131). The most compassionate and sensual, somewhat erotic ones were found in Colorful Nights. Overall, the shorter poems touched my mind and heart the most that were enriched with passion, sweetness, and bit of bitterness from past hurts or emotional pains which humankind is able to get a grasp of their own existence. Lastly, some of the selected poems (to my likings) in the section called Creator and Created were geometrically, mathematically interweaves God with His creation so symmetrically how it all aligns to His magnificent being.

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