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December Reviews 2010

Time & Place: In the Life of B and K, Edition 1Time & Place: In the Life of B and K, Edition 1 by Khalil Coleman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The author is taking a major step to reach the inner city streets and our youth not to make senseless decisions in this book. We read about B and K walking the neighborhoods and see significant difference between the ‘hood’ and ‘decent’ locations. We are able to read the nonfiction book as a “reality-check” to what is happening in certain neighborhoods that are generally overlooked and accepting impoverished lifestyles because of poverty. The author also covers the police brutality, harassment, and abusive behaviors demonstrated through racial profiling and homicidal police shootings while being in the underprivileged neighborhoods known as the ‘hood’.

While reading this booklet, I see this as a documentary in writing, where one is able to visualize the realities of inner city street violence, homelessness, and numerous liquor stores to keep people seeking after pipe-dreams or hopeless lives. Is this only happening in urban communities or those less deprived? Do we allow our environment to dictate our future and actions? These are some of the questions that came to mind while reading this documentary on inner city lifestyles and choices. We can finally read a book about street life that is not glorifying the streets, or use of profanity and explicit sexual content to get the message across. I would have loved to read this as literary fiction or as a novel.

Khalil Coleman shared two young male’s life stories and experiences without real or fictional names, only identifiable by B and K, which reminds me of a mathematical equation. The differences in neighborhoods, life styles, and outcomes is the equation to how one’s future will turn out if one allows these factors to play a part on the overall equation. A short book that is power-packed in just 41 pages as if you were there. I didn’t want to rate this book since it speaks on so many issues that need to be addressed; this is in a category of its own.

Khalil Coleman (author) gave a book to us for a review.

Dream 4 More Reviewer,

Adrienna Turner

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November 2010 Reviews

Sacrifices in the Name of LoveSacrifices in the Name of Love by Vanessa Alexander Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vanessa Johnson starts out with the expectation I had in mind in correlation with the title, where we see young Tessa Phillips father’s verbal insults about black people when they relocate to the south for residency. Trey Martin, basketball player, accepted Tessa’s apology but was desensitized to this behavior from other racists in the south. Yet, the sexual attraction happened so quickly in the story that I didn’t feel they established a sincere relationship so early on. Then, after sexual acts continue and pregnancy is the ultimate question, now we see Trey praying to God and wish he never did it without using protection. Normally, we read the female’s side in the story having such an emotional-spiritual breakdown but we engulf in a man’s sentimental side. We hear this time and time again with people fulfilling the ‘lustful eyes’ and not what consequences come with it until it hits them dead-in-the-face.

I really enjoyed the writers’ style and voice in the novel; however, we read or hear this story about a woman getting pregnant and willing to eliminate the man out of the equation to fend for the child solo. This was Tessa’s idea but not the Trey’s. She's willing to tell an ambiguous lie: she was raped and got pregnant in the process to move far away where the man never sees his child. Will she really go forth with this story? Regardless of her plans, a young girl that doesn’t let those close to her know the truth instead has a web of lies, she doesn’t realize who she’s really destroying—the life that she gave. I really enjoyed the read.

Dream 4 More Firm received pdf (e-book) format from the author for review.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
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The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody BoxThe Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box by Valerie J Lewis Coleman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Debra fell for the wrong man, who she believed was her "forever". Vincent was caught in the act of fornication when Debra arrived home, seeing a familiar face with her man. Too many times we see women get cheated on--never see it coming or choose not to--and to know. Men need to stand and take their place to tell them face-to-face before engaging in the act. Luckily, she has her girls to cry to and get it together!

Rachel and Brian, the married couple, are having sexual issues in their marriage with their routine scheduled sexual duties and who wears the "pants" in the household. Rachel doesn't understand the beauty of sex and the importance of marriage as a whole due to emotional baggage. We see so many case-scenarios on relationships due to bringing the wrong baggage in the relationship and not willing to speak about it or clean up their act to get it right.

Sherry is seeking help from Doc Reid and tells Debra about him since she keeps getting involved in countless going-nowhere relationships. She needs to reprogram her whole outlook on men and relationships. Doc Reid breaks down the process of men: sees women with his eyes, his crotch, and then his heart. He can only get pass the visuals when his emotional, spiritual, and mental maturity happens. Use the goody box as a built-in power source to be emotionally connected to you.

Loved reading all this on p. 81. Ironically, we see the author, Christopher Reid put his name in the book also as Doc Reid. Overall, will ladies take the mental notes or brush it off and still open the goody box and end up in emotional disasters repeatedly. The man should "invest in you" not your goodies that are his ultimate focus (which is usually the case as visual-sex hunters).

This book is a tool for hopeless, countless relationships that go sour, and women who want to learn what their goody box is used for—(what is the main purpose). Some know the power of it, others use it for their own ill-gotten gains as most just use it and can't accept when men continue to hit it and leave you pitiless (or empty-handed).

Is the ending for a sequel? Cliff-hanger because you left me hanging?

*Goody Box was provided by the author-publisher (Valerie Coleman) for a review.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Adrienna Turner

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Blended Families An AnthologyBlended Families An Anthology by Valerie J Lewis Coleman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The short stories speak about families in this book that were helpful because it uses experiences that can be related to families of today. To understand how others have combined families through faith, determination and persistence is something that I found personally useful.

Families that are combined should use this book as a reference for issues that they are currently and will face in the future.

I highly recommend that this book is a read for step parents and step children so that they can understand that they are not alone. This book will show these people that others have faced the same issues that they are facing.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Emmanuel Brown
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Blended Families (Anthology) was received by the author to provide a review.

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This inspiring and motivational book is strictly for the ladies, although men will enjoy too! It is filled with inspirational messages from back to cover, providing the reader with life-based spiritual tips to foster personal growth and motivation. The author takes the reader through the winding paths of her own journey of life, as a WOMAN! As she journeys along with you, she addresses LOVE, FORGIVENESS, SEX, GOD, HEAVEN, and more. Tips on how to break free from your past and propel into your “better you”. At the end of each chapter, there is a challenge section created especially for you to learn to forgive, to find love, to embrace God, and discover yourself. Those seeking to stay encouraged will find it inside this book!

A few example titles are: 1) From Shame to Acceptance, 2) Who will Marry Me?, 3) Being Pregnant is not my END, & 4) My Flesh, My Master

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She'll be at Milwaukee Writers Circle at 7pm at Reader's Choice 1950 N. King Dr. Competitive Spirits in Literary Market. 7-8pm only.
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Dream Your Reality BOM: Completely Whole by Paulette Harper

This book is inspiring, optimistic, hopeful and encouraging while providing a clear-cut, scriptural blueprint for each reader to follow as they allow the Word and the power of God to transform their pain and restore their lives on their road to living a healthier, spiritual life. Completely Whole features thoughtful meditations, and timely scriptural passages, all designed to present the reader with a detailed, comprehensive understanding of what it takes to achieve a truly fulfilling life… Spirit, Soul and Body.

A prayer and confession is included at the end of each chapter that will be sure to help the reader to establish a connection, not only with the principles in the book, but a spiritual connection with God Himself.

Non-Fiction Inspirational
Paperback: 158 pages
Publisher: Thy Word Publishing, Aug 3, 2010
ISBN 10: 0-615-33101-7
ISBN 13: 978-0-615-33101-0

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Website: www.pauletteharper.com

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the Life Series November 6th with the Authors

We are talking to the authors who will share their struggles and victories. If you are an author or writer, whether seasoned or aspiring, you've completed a book, or want to know the lifestyle of the author from different walks of life. Be there tonight.

TONIGHT @ 9pm Central Time, USA on the Adrienna Turner Show: *Stephanneth Adams (aspiring author & founder of Life's Journey: Woman to Woman)
*Vanessa Davis Griggs (best selling, award-winning author/Christian Fiction)
*Shelia E. Lipsey (best selling, award-winning author/Christian Fiction)
*Adrienna Turner (award-winning author, radio host, and founder of Dream 4 More Firm)


Email any last minute questions to adriennaturnershow@gmail.com a hour before show. IF we are unable to answer, we will do it on December 4th showcase, Ask the Author, hoping these or other authors come to answer the questions and if it requires research or provide a service, we'll let you know on the show.

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Home Again: Linda Beed on November 14th Dream4More Radio

Home AgainHome Again by Wanda Campbell

Home Again, read Linda Beed's short story in the book, the very last story enclosed in the anthology as the "Back Porch" section entitled, "Flavorful". The story starts off with the end result then goes back to the past of how it lead to this outcome that shows that people can restore past relationships and change their situation for good.

There were some good passages and lessons to be learned in this short story too. The fruit that God intended will come forth and its time for us to get our flavor back. “Fruit that God allow to come forth flavorful—takes our growth, purpose, and can be picked too soon (paraphrased, p. 186).” Here we see that in life as we grow like a tree, we have to get to the root of the problem for our branches to grow. In other words, we may have gifts that are not developed or nurtured properly that can separate us from our purpose. We also can be plunked too soon before we can see the gifts manifest. As the story states, "don't miss the chance to come back to your purpose, despite the atrocities of life."

I plan to read the rest of the anthology with other faith-filled stories.

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Dream Interviews on Dream4More Radio w/ Vanessa Miller on 11/28/2010

Interview will appear on November 28, 2010 on Dream 4 More Radio. www.blogtalkradio.com/Dream4MoreRadio on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Central Time. 347-989-0702.

Review: A Love for Tomorrow by Vanessa Miller, Sweet Dreams!

Vanessa Miller’s Second Chance Series, book 2, “A Love for Tomorrow” is one of my favorite reads of the series thus far. There are several valuable lessons to be learned in this novel.

Serenity Williams and Michael Randolph dated for five years, had marriage plans for the last three years of the five years in the relationship that went sour because of his ego-driven motives and persona for his church ministry. This divided the couple to go their separate ways. Later, Michael wants an interview on Serenity’s televised ministry program and also announces his new marriage plans to Karen. Karen is the opposite of Serenity, who will not challenge Michael’s competitiveness or someone that will overshadow him and his ministry like he feared Serenity would. Serenity once asked herself while in the relationship and after meeting Pastor Phillip McKnight, “How long do you have to wait on God to work on somebody?” Yet, we have to work on ourselves, not asking God to change someone else to meet our own agenda.

Serenity knew since a young girl that God called her to minister the gospel to many, yet she started a TV ministry based on her own understanding instead of becoming a Pastor in which is her true calling. Like most of us, she allowed fear to take hold of her true ministry by being cautious of not undergoing disappointments and losing church members like her father and brother did as pastors. She also is afraid of developing meaningful relationships. Not only does Serenity fear “intimacy” with God, but also walking into her destiny.

Serenity Williams and Pastor Phillip McKnight are facing past relationships that require healing, restoring, and allow the Holy Spirit move in their situations by letting go and let Him perform miracles in their lives. Pastor Phillip McKnight has to let go of his past marriage, ex-wife Chantel, and a love before he came to Christ, and seek closure of this old relationship before moving into a new one. Serenity has waited on a man she believed was her husband. Michael only reminded her of his position in the Christian ministry, not wanting her to overstep him although she’s anointed with God-given gifts and abilities for the occasion. These two, Serenity and Phillip, see how their past lovers get involved with another person to replace them to meet their own needs, or trying to come back in their life when things look promising for them. I enjoyed reading this novel because this couple has a chance for love regardless of their past choices, past relationships, and past desires. We change when we look at things differently and accept our calling.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner

We received a copy of the book from the author via interview and review is included for promotional purposes.

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November Reviews

The House by Anjuelle Floyd. NOJ Publications. Dream 4 More Ratings: Sweet Dreams.

Anjuelle Floyd’s first novel, “The House”, and her sophomore work, opens up with the divorce legal proceedings of Anna and Edward. Shortly later, Anna discovers Edward in the hospital for a deadly disease—cancer. How can a woman be furious in the proceedings and then welcome the same man in her home to take care of him in his last three months of life? I had to see where the author is going with this—some would say, “dying” and “divorce” doesn’t mix where one would see this as an “option” to be there for someone who is dying and filing a divorce. Edward had adulterous affairs during their marriage, and makes one wonder why. The author, Anjuelle, later examines and shares why he had these affairs on his wife, Anna.

Edward Manning believes as long as he’s the provider and met these requirements as a husband by providing a “home” and “financial stability” for his wife and family is all that matters. While Anna feels that she only wanted to “love” her husband, Edward, and have a family would seal the deal in the marriage. The house is what kept them and divided them as a married couple. House divided is also mentioned in the Scriptures: Mark 3:25; Luke 11:17; and Matthew 12:25.

Anna was also willing to put all the burdens of her children and Edward onto her—needs to release and accept her feelings for Inman. Ironically, she saw Edward in her children: David and Serine, also her daughter-in-law, Millicent. All the negative things she assumed about Millicent, amazingly, secrets were revealed and Millicent named her twins after the two people she truly admired: Anna and Inman. Anna would have never imagined the misconceptions she had about her daughter-in-law and to name her twin daughter after her.

Overall, this novel is well-written and character-driven. It’s a contemporary, family-relationships story that you could read and enjoy from the first page until the very end. Look out for this author.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
Sweet Dreams, 4 stars.

*Dream 4 More Reviews received a proof copy of the novel by the author. The opinions of the reviewer doesn't reflect to the views of Dream 4 More Firm.


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