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Desire at Will Winner!

My desire for my life is to be a better mother, sister, and future wife. To believe in what I have inside of me and trust in it. I desire so much for my children to be proud of the woman they see that I have grown into. I want them to be proud of my accomplishments and the fact that I never gave up. I know that with God on my side and as my strength, I will be able to be someone they want to emulate. God has instilled many gifts inside me and with His blessing; I will be able to provide a future for my family long after I'm gone. I don't want them to struggle the way I did and my mother did.

To achieve this, I know by having a closer relationship with my Lord must take place. He is the only one that can heal the scars and the storms in my life. To be a role model to those around me, and be able to show them that your past doesn't have to determine your future. You can start in the mud but crawl out and be washed clean and stand in the light.

--Kiexiza Rodriquez, author of Beautiful, co-host for TonyNKie Show, and reviewer for DSE

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The Blood Done Signed My Name by M. Ann Ricks, Dream 4 More Reviews: Sweet Dreams. See our review:

The Blood Done Signed my Name by M. Ann Ricks

Title : The Blood Done Signed my Name
Author: M. Ann Ricks
Publisher: May House Press & Publications, LLC
Release date (or anticipated release): 10/2011
ISBN 10:0-615-45273-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-615-45273-9
ASIN (if applicable):
Ebook ISBN:
Specs: paperback, 5.5 x 8.5, 220 pages
Website (optional):

Review Summary:

The story starts in 1918 while Sergeant Tanner is in battle (World War I), and later in the current day meets the main character Honey Lamb. Honey doesn’t know God but has been in a church service and wonders what the excitement is all about—salvation. Honey’s mother allows her daughter to be with her male friends because they have money. (Personal note): I shook my head, wondering what mother does this to their daughter (or child at all), unless she is on drugs. However, the mother admits she is not a woman or a mother which I call a ‘monster’ and only to meet her own selfish needs—greed (money). Then, Honey feels it is a conspiracy that all her contacts are coming to Jesus—getting saved, could God be seeking her soul too? The ending of the story is the most powerful portion of the novel: Jesus is the vine, you are the branches. We also have to know our heredity and genealogy cause you to miss what He has for you—we cannot deny the blood that flows through our veins, nor the bloodline we come from, but with Jesus’ BLOOD we are healed, delivered, and sanctified (or saved).

Dream Moment(s): “We loved each other completely…revealed the internal war that was waging because of that love (page 40).” We all battle an internal war within ourselves, and some are not open to love based on our past memories of how love was administered or practiced. Moreover, we have to give ourselves away and surrender to love, and be willing to love wholeheartedly—God is love. Besides the emotional drama, spiritual roller coaster for Honey Lamb, there is also comic relief and crossing my fingers for a fulfilling ending.

Dream Disaster (Nightmare(s)): Early readings, the writer keeps you intrigued except I felt I was going in circles and waiting for the story to reveal itself; guess Honey Lamb is also going in circles with her personal and emotional issues.

Dream 4 More (Keep us Dreaming or Begging for more): Reliving the romantic reunion, or even past memories of love but Honey allowed the relationship to go numb because of her past love experiences with her mother, difficult to love her husband Mason. Therefore, Mason mentioned that he may be unable to “forgive and forget” and I truly believe if we forgive—we can forget. In other words, God forgives our sins and doesn’t remember it (gone forever); therefore, He can only forgive us if we forgive those who have trespass us. So, if we forgive, we should not prolong, hold on to it, or keep mentioning the things we have forgiven. We also need to break generational curses such as hurt, betrayal, violence, and abuse to name a few. We do not realize our actions can mess up our future generation or legacy because of your mishaps, carry the sins into our relationships (even children and their children), and need to break the cycle by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ (please see p. 168).

Dream 4 More Reviews has received “The Blood Done Signed My Name” by the author for a book review.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
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Adrienna Turner Show-3 Year Party

We had our last show on Dream4More Radio and announced radio winners on October 30, 2011. We made it two years but was our dream farewell party for Internet Talk Radio.

Now, we will be doing a three year party and GET IN FOR THE WIN...Join us on November 10, 2011, Thursday at 10 p.m. Central Time/11 p.m. Eastern (new day and time). 347-308-8612.

Temptations of Love by Amore

The Temptation of Love: A Novel by AmoreThe Temptation of Love: A Novel by Amore by 5ive Star Publications

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Title : Temptation of Love

Author: Amore

Publisher: 5ivestar Publications

Release date (or anticipated release): 2/2011

ISBN: 9780982263839

ASIN (if applicable):

Ebook ISBN:098226383x

Specs: 180 pages; 6x9 standard paperback

Website (optional):

Category: romance fiction

Review Summary:

Alexander Love is an attorney seeking to make partner at a law firm but also noted for his stellar performance in the courtroom, winning cases. He is a lover’s man besides a reserved and daring man but serious dating is not on his list until he meets Ami’s best friend and roomie, Jada Whitman. Their body language says it all—reaction, relation, romance with a magnetic attraction, connection, and chemistry that is hard to ignore. This rarely happens in early relationships or at all.

Dream Moment(s): “Her head was telling her one thing, her heart another, and her history something completely different (page 51).” For some reason, this line had captivated me into the story and wanted Jada to take me there and share exactly what was on her mind, heart, and past history of which made her feel that her relationships were not healthy and doomed for failure. Amore nibbles us in bit by bit when we read that Jada lost her family by a car accident unplanned to how she doesn’t know how to receive or give love.

Dream Disaster (Nightmare(s)): There was an editor mentioned on the copyright page; however, there were typographical errors that were hard to dismiss (e.g. page 5 Brian and a paragraph later becomes Brain) and easy proofreading errors that could have easily been corrected. There are a few grammatical issues too. Yet, I was able to continue reading and some highlights in the Amore’s writing style.

More importantly, it was hard to lock the reader in the fairytale of love at first site with numerous characters and mention of their careers (which is great to see them accomplish such studious and successful careers) immediately in the first chapter, where the reader easily gets bored or loses track of the actual plot of the story. It was unnecessary and a development editor would have omitted these passages to keep the flow of the story. It was irrelevant and forgets who the main characters are: Alex and Jada including secondary characters. There is a way that they could have been introduced and brief description but would have been best to remove them. However, I did find myself going back to the first chapter when I saw Sean or other cousins introduced to see their careers or role in the story.

Dream 4 More (Keep us Dreaming or Begging for more): To wonder if this sudden romance between Alexander and Jada is going to lead to anything promising, especially since it starts off as a goo-goo eye, premature romance and Alex does what some men do—buy flowers. Waiting for the “It” Factor. Definitely the romance comes alive midway of the novel.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Adrienna Turner

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