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We are adding a review segment for Book Promos and Interviews now. We will post your book reviews on our Blog; Goodreads (Adrienna Turner); star-value and BTR interview mark on Dream 4 More Reviews on Goodreads; our radio show page on Facebook (Adrienna Turner Show or Dream 4 More Radio); and/or inspirational magazine: Promoting Purpose under Lady V Reviews. See what we can do for you!

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Book Promos is not just for more exposure after reviews, it is also to know about your latest books or upcoming books. Let's do the work for you. Free announcement too. Send your photo of book or picture of you, short bio and synopsis of book if applicable, and website to purchase your books. We will read it on our commercial breaks. You can also pay for commerical/announcements only.

You can even send your own MP3s, but has to say on the commercial/announcement: "You heard it here on [name of the radio show] (Dream 4 More Radio or Adrienna Turner Show) with your host with the most: Adrienna (ah-dree-na) Turner."

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 2010 Reviews

The Rewritten Word... by Aggie Villanueva. 2009. Cielo Rojos Publishing. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Me Dream.

Aggie delivers a power-packed small booklet for authors, literary professionals, and even editors to review for their writing or works they are editing. She explains the importance of rewriting for authors, even if you don't understand how to do it. There are several examples on rewriting by omitting adverbs with endings of 'ly', verboten, first person, past/present/future tenses, and much more. She quotes from "Elements of Style" with use of numerals, anything 10 and up, can write as number instead of words. However, there are other versions, believe it's the Chicago Manual of Style or Kate Turbian Manual of Style (written by a librarian) that states usually 100 and up. In most cases, it is the choice of author/publisher and sometimes the editor. Most businesses would use numbers instead of numbers, especially in reference of statistical information or insight.

This is highly recommended for authors. Editors can keep a copy on hand too. This refreshes my memory when I am doing both. She also offers references (books and other sources for recommendation).

I'll review some of these sources in the near future since I always want to enhance my craft as a writer/editor and literary consultant. I hope to get this author on my future radio shows: Secrets of Success (Adrienna Turner Show) or Dream 4 More Radio (literary moments to discuss on "rewriting").

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
Wooed Us Dream, 4.5/5 stars

Piecing the Puzzle Together by Brian Ganges. 2010. Peace in the Storm Publishing. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams!

Brian Ganges first nonfiction book, Piecing the Puzzle Together, has a wealth of diving knowledge and wisdom. He also has practical applications and principles to understand self; bad versus good control; and glorification of God and other concepts that we are to follow Jesus, not necessarily God, the Law, ministers, or even the Bible.

Even as a researcher/scholar of the Scriptures and someone who also writes spiritual, nonfiction books, the early readings of the book was over-the-top for me to digest and insight was beyond normal conception. His knowledge-base and analogies were what most people have read but was able to see God’s divine Word dissected and His goodness taught in layman terms. Moreover, there were areas (or chapters) in the book I really enjoyed such as “Good Control: The Glory of God”; fictionalized story; and not to follow our pastors, what we were taught because we have been branded, embedded these specific Scriptures or sayings from them instead of what Jesus actually taught to His disciples. Be expected to read and know the truth!

What will Brian Ganges write next…and deliver to the masses to open the blinded so they can see; go from spiritual milk (watered down teachings) to get the meat of the Word of God (spiritual wisdom and knowledge).

Dream 4 More Reviewer,
Adrienna Turner
Sweet Dreams! 4 stars.

Marcia Woodruff. Flames of Deception. City Stone Publishing. 2010. Posted 10.12.10.

In Flames of Deception, you will find a never ending whirlwind of twists and turns. Just when you think you know who all the parties that are involved, then another one comes into the mix. Not only is it full of sex, but it’s full of scandal, deception and betrayal.

When Candice George meets Hamilton Baker, she thinks she found “the One”. That thought is soon replaced with the thought that “enough is enough”, after dealing for too long with Hamilton’s cheating way. When she finally has enough and tells him it’s over FOR GOOD, Hamilton feels betrayed. Even though he has been the one cheating with countless women for years, when Candice moves on to a new man soon after her break with Hamilton, he swears revenge. Black mailing those close to her, who also have a few secrets of their own, that he knows about, he plans the most extreme way to get revenge on Candice and her new beau. All the while, unknown to him, his past is fast on his heels.

With minimal grammar mistakes, the book was an easy read and flowed nicely. Although you might find the level of revenge a bit much, you can’t help but enjoy the read and how it all falls into place.

Dream 4 More Reviewer,
Kie Rodriquez
Sweet Dreams. 4 stars!

*This is the opinion of the reviewer, does not reflect the views or opinions of Dream 4 More Firm. The book was received by the author via mail for a book review.

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