Monday, February 1, 2016

Terror Stalks an Angel starts off rather strong, intense, and wondering if Wilson and young girl will survive after bullets are whizzing and ricocheting nearby. The story pulled the chords of my heart strings, seeing unconditional love being displayed and how Wilson opened his home to a precious young child not to experience any more abuse. But instead getting more than she could imagine and expect whereas a young girl's dreams comes true by receiving everything she asked for.

Wilson seems like a dream come true, who opens his home to those who have been abandoned, abused, homeless, and hopeless; including the right connections (people from social services, police chief, etc.) to do what is righteous among those he can help in need. He genuinely loves people and cares about their welfare. Is this man real? Does a Mr. Wilson walk among us?

It is an easy, quick e-short read that a person can complete in one not want to put it down due to the suspenseful adventure taking place before your very eyes while reading. I anticipate more to come in the series as stated on the last page. Let the adventures begin.

Adrienna Turner
Dream4More Reviewer
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