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May Review

Strength Within: Surviving by the Grace of God. Kingdom Living Publishing. 2008. Rating: 3 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: What a Dream!

Roland takes the audience with his childhood memories, stern discipline, and how they were separated from his parents to live with his Aunt Rosa. We see how many families have to face the hardships of life and economical status, especially living in the city of Roosevelt, New York, a subdivision of Long Island. We see how a young boy takes write a letter to his mother’s past employer to help get her old job back but when his mother finds out, she chastises him. He was tired of his mother’s verbal and physical attacks against him and his brother, where he was willing to poison his mother by putting Lysol in the Kool-Aid. Parents need to be mindful how they discipline and chastise their children, does abuse get us anywhere? We are the examples; we mold our children by being the example in their lives. Instead, with abusive parents, we see children learn to lie to avoid another violent attack to their well-being or involved in fights at school to have a sense of belonging. Moreover, they grow up to believe that they will never succeed and God does not want the best for them. We have to be careful what we instill in our children and our methods for discipline. Is running away, the answer?

We see Roland ‘Tyler’ blaming himself for his parents’ deaths, especially his mother’s. He wants to know GOD, and learn about ‘faith’ but eventually he finds God and discovers the true meaning of faith. We all carry baggage, but what we do with our baggage is the ultimate question. Read the book to find out what Roland Tyler does with his past issues and baggage.

*There were some parts that may be quite boring but he is giving chronological reference and what he finds important to share in his memoir to show how he discovers the strength within regardless of his circumstances.

*This is the opinion of the reviewer that does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Firm. We received a copy from the author for a book review.

Dream Reviewer,

Adrienna Turner

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Stage Play: Are you Ready May 23 at Parklawn Assembly of God

See you at May 23rd "Are You Ready?" stage play. Get sale price of my books: poetry books: From the Depths ($15) and Half the Battle ($15) both together for $25, savings of $5.00. Spiritual books: Desire at Will ($12) and Day Begins with Christ ($20) both together for $25.00, savings $7.00. See U at Parklawn Assembly of God, 6pm CST, Sunday. Milwaukee, WI.

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Dream Summore Gift Card and More

We want to hear from you. Did you get your copy of "Mirror, Beware!" that is due May 31st/June 2010? Let us know who is your favorite character...share your ideas....

Mines are: Tatianna, Misty, and Toni...including Elaine (Toni's mom). If you want to see a new book in the Mirror Sagas, let me know...otherwise, it will end here. Tell me what you like most, like to see, and want to see more drama....your ideas will be used, then you will be added to acknowledgment page and can win a gift card $10.00 at restaurant of choice, especially if it is also in Milwaukee, WI like IHOP, Applebees, etc. if chosen. Leave your name and email to contact you if Dream Summore uses your idea!

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Dream 4 More Radio: Genre Based Show back tonight

We are speaking to nonfiction/memoir authors. Deborah Jackson, Carletta Washington, and your host, Adrienna Turner.

See you at 9pm CST/10pm EST.

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December 2009 Reviews

Dream 4 More Reviews for December 2009:

Secret Betrayals by Harriet Wilson. CreateSpace (Amazon). 11/13/2009. $14.95. Rating: 4. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams!
Secret Betrayals was a delight to read. I was able to read this book in one sitting as it was filled with twists and turns. At times, I was shaking my head because I could not believe the turn of events. This book had the perfect recipe for disaster and drama when a person mistakes lust for love and gets the two emotions confused. As human beings, we sometimes get love and lust confused and the characters of “Secret Betrayals” were no exception. The reader will probably recognize either a part of themselves or someone that they know while reading this book because it touches on real life situations. I could not stop reading this book and I look forward to reading more from Harriet.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Tiffany Craig


Desire At Will by Adrienna Dionna Turner. Author House. 12/2/09. $11.99. Rating: 3. Dream 4 More Rating: What a Dream!

With the diligence of a scholarly researcher, Adrienna Turner has hit the bulls-eye when it comes to targeting those who are seeking understanding of God’s will. Scripture by scripture, Turner breaks down what we must do as believers to condition ourselves for alignment with the perfect will of the Lord. “Desire at Will” takes a common sense approach, commanding that we examine our own motives, behavior and obedience to the Word of God as we seek His blessings and presence in our lives.

The constant scriptural references and extensive information may be a bit overwhelming for someone looking for an easy read. However, “Desire at Will” is a selection that should definitely be added to the library of those who would enjoy a comprehensive biblical analysis.

Dream 4 More Reviewer,

Adrienne Adams


Love Found Me by Vanessa Richardson, GSH Publishing, 12/19/09, $15.00. Rating: 5. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us.

Vanessa Richardson delivers an electrifying, undeniable love story between two people who do not believe it is happening immediately before their very eyes and their hearts beating at a rapid rate. Their first encounter speaks for itself.

We first meet Michael and his twin brother, Bryan, and see their agape love for one another regardless of their different lifestyles, paths, and personalities. Then, we see Shelia Lawton, who does not want to go back in the house of God with her best friend and colleague Rayna Peterson. These ladies met at college and remained friends since. We see Rayna go from graduating in Political Science/Pre-law major to wanting to become partner at Hudson, Fist, and Hudson law firm. Shelia majored in Sociology is now working as a Domestic Violence Counselor.

Vanessa captures the reader's attention from the Prologue, where you do not want to stop reading in one-sitting. I enjoyed reading every character in the book, also seeing love electrifying over the emotions and souls of the characters--where I can picture them in my mind as if it is a TV series on Lifetime. I cannot wait for the sequel. This is a must-read, especially if you love inspirational-suspense (or Christian Fiction, Contemporary Romance).

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner


Who Is He To You by Monique D. Mensah. Kisa Publishing. 2009. $15.00. Rating: 5. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us!

Vivid detail and an equally titillating plot make ‘Who is He to You’ an absolute page turner. Monique D. Mensah’s writing is literary awesomeness. The story arouses a multitude of emotions as the lives of three ladies are intimately revealed, ultimately colliding to meet an unexpected end.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Adrienne Adams


My Father, My Nazi by Lama Milkweed Augustine, PhD. Jones Harvest Publishing. 2009. $20.00. Rating: 5 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us!

My Father, My Nazi is an enriching and terrifying story to read. How can a man's loyalty to serve "beloved Fuhrer" be as sincere as it is to his family?

Lama Milkweed takes you inside of the mindset of Gerd Guggenheim, a Nazi regime, who serves under Adolf Hitler in Berlinisch (Berlin). Hitler plans to create a stronger Germany, finding loyal SS bodyguards to abide to his horrendous schemes. Gerd was a follower and enforcer under Hitler's laws since the age of 19 and married Greta at 16, because she was with child. This also was a time during National Socialism (Nazism), German political movement in 1920 accompanied by the National Socialist German Workers Party. We, the readers, see how these young men were enchanted under the supremacy of Adolf Hitler, "beloved Fuhrer".

Lama outlines the story of a dedicated-loyal Nazi that takes his family from the ruler-ship under Hitler, to relocate to America, because he could not handle the atrocities forced to perform and witnessed after the lines of his confession. We later see Gerd suffer from what most militant soldiers experience is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, where he was unable to see his realities vs. past war tactics when he was under Hitler's leadership. I was nearly in tears to see how Gerd was willing to take his own life because of his failures. We can relate to this notion whether we are ex-militants or not, with self-worth removed from our very souls--we feel useless and incapable beings to a point of suffering from suicidal thoughts. These historical accounts reads like a documentary-story.

If you like to read historical events and people, autobiographical accounts, and true stories, you will be pleased with this story.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner


Rhythm Can't Keep Time: Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough. Deondriea Cantrice. GSH Publishing. $15.00 (U.S.)/$20.00 (Canada). Rating: 5. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us.

It is funny how time flies when you're having fun, as we get inside the emotions of Sheridyn while she is getting-to-know Sterling. Besides the maybe-lies and drunk dates, Sheridyn has a sexual attraction for a fine black brother--Sterling. She is also getting over a first love, Rod, and wonder if Sterling is the real-deal, lovy-dovy, or just a rebound.

We see many women that are in-and-out of relationships. Deondriea weaved a relationship rendezvous until love finds you. It may not be the person you spent the most time with and with the hopes of being the one. There are some underlining subliminal messages too. This is not your ordinary romance book, it takes you into the mindset (or emotions) of most relationships today in a fiction-story piece.

I love these poetic lines from the book, "People can only love to the capacity at which they know, understand, or experience. Love is not a scale of orgasmic screams. Distinct rhythm, but there are only so many beats to a measure. Melodies are heartfelt and reach the soul, but every song has a timeless rhythm. Dance partners change as dances fade away because partners aren't promised, but the cadence of true love last forever." How deep is your love?

*This is the second publication under GSH Publishing. First publication was reviewed by Dream 4 More Reviews in Sept. 2009 under Outskirts Publishing.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner

*This is the opinion of the reviewer, does not relate to the views or opinions of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. The book was received by the author to give a book review.

Dream 4 More Reviews: January 2010

Desire at Will by Adrienna Dionna Turner. 2009. Author House. $11.95. Rating: 4 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams!

This reviewer is always very skeptical of books that deal with religion because often times these books have a tone of being preachy and not informative. This was not the case with Desire at Will, Turner has masterfully created a cocoon around the reader that allows for whatever emotion that the reader feels yet provides reassurance that everything can and will be alright if you believe that the Supreme Being (no matter what you call him/her) will see you through. Congratulations to her for a welcome addition to the genre! I look forward to her future works that include biblical references and text.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Tanya Bates

4 stars: Sweet Dreams!

The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Lit. Cons. Firm. The author sent an gallery unbounded copy of the book for a review from Dream 4 More Reviews.

A Heart's Thoughts: Love Walk Meditations Series by Shalonda "Treasure" Williams. Lulu. $9.25. Rating: 4 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams!

Shalonda "Treasure" Williams writes a much needed and anticipated book in a meditation-devotional style. The author poses questions that we all have wondered or asked at some time or place, where she gives Scriptures, examples, and clarification on how to view these posing questions addressed from God's perspective (Holy Bible--His Word).

This book is also a conversational read, as Shalonda delivers a down-to-earth way to minister to everyone what God sees for their lives. She shares the depths of her soul (experiences) too.

There are a couple areas that spoke to me in volumes in her devotional read. She expounds on where blessings come from, not materialistic things such as a home, car, and wealth to name a few. Our divine blessings come at God's appointed time--to fulfill God's plan and to meet our necessities, not wants. She also defines the term "blessed" with following Scriptures for review. How the family values are diminished and when we refer to what "mama say/said" instead of the voice of God. Last, I love the section on fear in which shows that we do not trust God, He does not reside in us, and to stand in our rightful place with boldness (confidence) not fear. Shalom (peace)!

She also has a Scripture review section after each question posed and passages in reference to the question to see what God's Word says to you. She adds at the end of the book, 'study questions' to expound on our viewpoints.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
4 stars, Sweet Dreams!

The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Lit. Cons. Firm. The author sent a copy of the book for a review from Dream 4 More Reviews.

Real Thoughts by N.S. Ugezene (You-gee-zee-nay). Lulu. ebook or paperback. August 2009. $16.00. Rating: 1.5/2 stars. Dream 4 More Reviews Rating: Okay Dream.

Real Thoughts by N.S. Ugezene discusses some controversial, political, and social issues and topics.

Under the impression this book will tailor to teens with the exception of vulgar language in some parts of the ebook. Some of the topics that I took from the ebook was players learn about the pleasures of relationships; political and religion viewpoints from the urban characters in the storyline; battling with obesity; technological communication tools; and rapper legends.

However, it was difficult to read the first chapter where it sets up the scene of a threesome or intimate scene to Sex Talk Q&A of a magazine article on sexual relationships and crisis. This train of thought for the author and the reader loses the flow of the story, concept delivered, and sequence of story ideas. Next chapter, I feel that it touches on the struggle with weight loss such as erratic diets that are not successful for the person over 200 lbs. In the ending of this chapter, I was not sure if it was sarcasm or a joke in this passage, "Don't let food be Lucifer" when facing the temptation of food.

There were minor editing issues or usage of slang, narrative voice was not strong since I did not realize who was "I" until nearly third of the book to determine it was "Pascal" speaking in the narration.

Overall, N.S. Ugezene has taken the challenge to touch on these controversial issues in Real Thoughts, however, the delivery or his style of writing can confuse, loose his reading audience. I am not convinced he drawn out these 21st Century issues to keep the reader engaged.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
1.5/2 stars: Okay Dream!

The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. The author has provided an unbounded copy, e-book version for a free of charge review with Dream 4 More Reviews.

Beautiful by Kiexiza Rodriquez. Family Gifts and Creations. 2006. $unknown. Purchase on Rating: 2. Dream 4 More Rating: Okay Dream.

Beautiful captures the hip-hop generation with a materialistic business woman, Tierra "Ti'". She works for Baxwell Enterprisez and handled various accounts from music, media, entertainment, real estate, and other business venues. She has made a turn for the worldly pleasures such as drinking, living lavishly, and dismissed church/God. She goes to wait on Qu, and gets a touch of the Holy Spirit, then gramma (grandma) gets on her case about God and quit blaming the devil for her hell.

We see a woman who wants to loose her faith when things does not go her way, with reminders from her family. Lesson: We can give up on God, but he does not give up on us.

*Minor editing issues. The story was slow in the beginning, but had some valid points about where you spend your time and energy--go back to the Source. Some of the transitions, characters, and events did not flow well for me, not concrete and can visualize yourself in their shoes. You can bind to Tierra out of all the characters, especially the preaching episodes and thought-processes about returning to God.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
2 stars, Okay Dream.

*The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. We received a copy of the book from the author for a review.

Lama Milkweed Augustine, PhD. The Electric Chair: Journals of H.H. The Most Ven. Lama Ripoche Milkweed L. Augustine. Jones Harvest Publishing. $25.00. 2008. Rating: 5 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us!

Lama Milkweed Augustine attributes consist of letters, journal writings and testimonials, drawings, actual photos of present and older models of electric chairs, poetry, letters to Senators (and House of Representatives on the Death-Crime Bill) in Massachusetts, and other philanthropist acts to provide arts for Florida prisoners before their execution dates arrives.

With the journal entries and testimonials, Milkweed provides accurate facts and descriptions of the actual acts of the electric chair. She also gives historical, social, and political evidence to these horrific death penalties and those on death row. Death row is someone waiting to die during their prison term. She tells us of the first dated prisoner who died by the electric chair, William Kelmer, in 1890 noted in the United States in New York city. She also elaborates on other unimaginable terrors and hideous acts throughout our U.S. history such as the brutal acts forced on innocent people who were considered as outcasts, did not abide to the English or American governments, and laws, witches, and slaves. Most of this was done by their own ignorance, prejudice, selfish motives, and rulership (whoever was in power).

Moreover, Lama has a heart for the condemned, those called to die and undergoing great pain. She can relate due to her own medical condition, where she also shares these dreadful testimonies. She states that we can be prisoners without the steel bars due to our own isolations from society, people, and unholiness methods.

This book is resourceful in history, social-economic, literature, and criminal justice classes.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
5 stars: Wooed Us!

*The opinions of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. The author has sent a book to review from Dream 4 More Reviews.

Dream 4 More Reviews: February 2010

Beautiful Ugly by Shelia E. Lipsey. Urban Christian Books. $15.00. Rating: 4. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams. 2.14.10.

My Book Review
In Beautiful Ugly, Sheila Lipsey delivers a soul searching, thought provoking, and inspirational story.

Kacie Mayweather is a single mother of six who finds herself pregnant again. Kacie’s desire to find love and be loved leads her to doing less than savory things. Hurt can make a person do things that they normally would not do.

Envy Wilson is beautiful and successful. Yet a secret from her past makes her feel anything but beautiful. It is hard to feel beautiful; and be accepting of true love, when one feels ugly on the inside.

Layla Hobbs has an issue with her weight. She struggles to find strength to mentally change her negative way of thinking, that she could never lose weight, nor be beautiful. An unexpected tragedy will cause a change both in Layla’s body, mind, and soul.

Sheila Lipsey captured the essence of true friendship in Beautiful Ugly; true friendship endures the testing of time, trials, and truths! A true friend with decorum and affection--- tells it like it is. The ladies will deal with their insecurities-- and each other; while keeping God in the midst of them. This was a heartfelt and inspirational read; the ending had me wanting more. This was a delightful read!

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Vanessa Richardson

* This is the opinion of the reviewer in which it does not reflect any views of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. Dream 4 More Reviews has received a copy of the book from the author for a review.

Even Numbers by Barbara Grovner. Rating: 4.5 (5 stars). Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams/Wooed Us Dream! 2.4.10

This is a great, debut novel by Barbara Grovner. She has taken the delicate issue of pedophilia and child abuse and how a mother turns a blind eye to the entire situation. This book gives a chilling account how man can be so deceptive and cunning to get what he wants, which are young girls. In this story, Dominga truly thinks James is the perfect man for her, so she ignores the warning signs that he is more interested in her young daughter.

This is a short, quick read book. I believe this is a book that all parents (especially single mothers with daughters) should read along with their children. And, this book should be discussed with each other in a frank, open conversation. Grovner sheds light on an issue that only gets discussed when it is too late and the damage is already done.

I would highly recommend this book to others. I look forward to reading what Barbara Grovner will write next.

Dream 4 More Reviewer,

Tiffany M. Craig

* This is the opinion of the reviewer in which it does not reflect any views of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. Dream 4 More Reviews has received a copy of the book from the author for a review.

The Gate Keeper by C. Alease. CreateSpace. $19.99. Rating: 5 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us Dream!

This is an impressive debut novel! In “The Gatekeeper” C. Alease writes a riveting, believing, and heartfelt story dealing with a mental disorder. I was very impressed with C. Alease writing style, which is mature and refreshingly thought-provoking. This novel is themed and character driven, even still the story is easy to read; as each character’s personalities are understood and are climactic. The Gate Keeper takes us on a journey of women dealing with dissociative personality disorder.

"The Gatekeeper" opens up with the main character seeking counseling for her young son. The tables suddenly turn; as she discovers that it is she who would need counseling. This is where the journey of self-discovery and lessons learned begins. One of the many lessons is deciphering between what is real and what is not real. C. Alease, brilliantly reveals the “why of,” these characters existence; as their presence stems from repressed events, that had or has happen in the protagonists life. I would certainly love to read her next release.

Dream 4 More Reviewer,

Vanessa Richardson

* This is the opinion of the reviewer in which it does not reflect any views of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. Dream 4 More Reviews has received a copy of the book from the author for a review.

Don't Say Do If You Don't by Charles J. Burgess. 2009. Underground Publications. $12.00. Rating; 3 Stars. Dream 4 More Rating: What a Dream!

Charles Burgess writes a story from the character Chris Jordan's outlook on his career, marriage, and secret motive--cheating. We see how a man can have it all--beautiful and successful or brilliant wife (who is a nurse); great family; and entrepreneur who start his own mortgage company. Yet, does this truly make him happy and satisfied? On the outside, it appears he has the perfect wife and life, but on the surface he still finds himself lurking for a piece of sunshine. Then, we get into the mindset and ambitions of Tiffany Roby who is into real estate from Detroit that sets her eyes on Milwaukee and a married man she knows was suppose to be a one-night affair.

Charles writing style for Urban Fiction is well-written as far as not gritty or too erotic is concerned. He also has morals that were clearly identified throughout the novel.

However, there are some minor issues such as long sentences (run-ons), development of the characters, narrative voice (first person) was confusing at times, and transitions of the scenes (pace). The pace is fast in some areas where I realized I was somewhere else without a certain flow, yet there is no action or suspense to move so sudden. Be mindful of POV. I had to read a few sentences or passages to realize who I was actually reading via character.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Adrienna Turner

3 stars: What a Dream!

*This is the opinion of the reviewer in which it does not reflect any views of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. Dream 4 More Reviews has received a copy of the book from the author for a book review.

Dream 4 More Reviews: April 2010

Yesterday's Promise. Vanessa Miller. Rating: 3.5/4 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams. 4.24.10.

This is a different style of writing for Vanessa, in comparison to the Rain and Storm series that I loved so dearly since it covered "redemption" and anyone can turn their lives over to God.

In Yesterday's Promise, speaks about two people stubbornness, where Melinda helps her father, Bishop Johnson, mega-church ministry and expects to be next in line to lead the flock but sees it was passed on to her ex-fiance, Bishop Steve Marks. Steve Marks believes he can rekindle his love and ask a second time for the hand of Melinda Johnson in marriage. But his stubbornness is believing from listening to his father that women cannot minister in the church. I like some of the passages delivered in the book about why women are in ministry and the other views that have disregarded women to lead the flock in the congregation--to be silent in the church based on Paul's perspective in the Word of God.

We will see if they can mend their past hurts, love, and stay in the will of God regardless of their views of one another or beliefs. Can they re-commit their love-relationship for one another after they see the light of God's views on women in ministry.

*She will be on April 25, Sunday, 5pm CST.

Dream4More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner

*This is the opinion of the reviewer that does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Firm. We received a copy from the publisher for a book review and interview with the author.

Adverse Intentions. Cher-Rhonda Woodard-Lynk. $11.95. Rating: 2.5/3 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: What a Dream! 4.15.10.

This is the second saga of the collection written by Cher-Rhonda Woodard-Lynk. With this book, it starts out with suspense and wonder what is going to happen with Eric, Angelique's past lover and becomes obsessed with her after it is over. What leaves me, why is he so obsessed in which the story never really tells us. Maybe more will be told in book 3, "Vanessa's Revenge."

Overall, I felt the story was rushed, parts undefined and empty (e.g. Tremel passing out and then characters speak of her death without setting the scene; or Tremel loses blood, medical condition, saves the baby and days later she passes out...dead. Did she have a C-section; natural birth, other?). Yet, I like some of the suspense scenes but execution left me clueless in some areas--should not be rushed and developed more.

The book is shorter than the previous book too. It is best to read the first book in order to see characters developed and understand relationships; otherwise, readers may be lost on who are some of the characters and even those added in this book where I had to re-read to make sure Lance and Vortex were not the same people at first.

2.5/3 stars.

Dream4More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner

*The opinions of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Firm. We received a copy from the author to provide a review.

The Littlest Donkey. Gail G. Faust. Illustrator: Tanya Bungardt-Price. $12.00. Rating: 4.5/5 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us Dream! 4.10.10.

I enjoyed reading the children's book, "The Littlest Donkey", when at first it reminded me of the Engine who could, where the little engine said, "I Think I can I think I can". This is the part when the mother donkey told her little donkey that he could and will be somebody that will be remembered by all men. At first, Sarah (mother donkey) did not believe she could have a child in her old age. We believe we cannot do things, it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible. This story delivered so many messages and morals for our young people to grasp and understand. One, we need to believe we can, and with God--it is possible. We should not look at size since we are created for purpose and have greatness in each one of us. Little Donkey looked at his size and was seeking approval from others but instead was laughed at. But God sees the best in us. Little Donkey prayed not to be sold. We later see that prayers avails much since he was not sold, only borrowed for a short time in which he was remembered by all men for eternity because the man of God rode on his back. What a glorious moment! He was also never ridiculed again, even was honored and those who laughed bowed to him. He was chosen for a purpose. This is the ultimate lesson--we are all created for purpose.

While working in the library, I was thinking of writing a children's book to minister to our youth, whom we are losing today to media, TV, radio, and fashion. I was honored to see the artistic illustration by Tanja Bungardt and see the message of God's Word delivered in a children's book that was written by Gail G. Faust--which was my prayer after looking at the pictorial books that our children are reading. They have the lesson but not from a godly perspective. I wanted to write a book to demonstrate God's love and purpose of which this book delivered both! This is a book all parents should have in their library for their children to read, or to read to their children. I am blessed to add this book to my reading collection.

Recommended for ages 8-10 for reading purposes, younger children can be exposed to the book if read by their parents or guardians.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner

*The opinions of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Firm. We received a copy from the publisher to provide a review at no charge.

Lust of a Dope Fiend. Jerome Livingston. $10.00. Rating: 2.5/3 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: What a Dream! 4.7.10.

While reading, “Lust of a Dope Fiend”, we see how a man has once cursed God after his mother’s death and later will find God (spiritual awakening). He once lived in a Christian-home and background, but he started getting high at a very young age with friends. He was also rebellious child since the age of six. What would you do for a taste of heroin? You will discover the answer as you read this book. He also experimented with different methods to get high. Later, one believes that Jerome changed his life after being sent to Job Corp to get his life back on track and raise a family. Ironically, one would never think that man-rape would happen in Job Corps but expected to occur in jail/prison. Yet, he defeats a rape-threat in Job Corp but meets up with this dude in jail later. He constantly turns back to drugs without any clarifications or realization, only to fulfill the lust of the flesh—craving to get another high whether it is ‘reefer’ (old school term), ‘cocaine’, or ‘heroin’.

Moreover, I felt the story skipped to different characters and scenes from time to time. The ending, was just one sentence about ‘spiritual awakening’ and no indication—why, how, and what will happen next. Throughout the book, we read about his life experiences and drug-use and even spending time in jail but when we get to his spiritual enlightenment…only words and nothing more. Maybe, this is for another memoir to speak more on this notion. In addition, there were typographical errors such as the word, ‘vain’ used instead of the word, ‘vein’. There was also some grammatical and punctuation issues in the book. When he was speaking or a person was speaking, there were no quotes (“”) used.

Dream Reviewer,

Adrienna Turner

*This is the opinion of the reviewer that does not reflect to any views of Dream 4 More Firm. We received a copy from the author for a book review to be posted on site and sent to author (not available on Amazon).

Editing Specials

Review on Dream 4 More Firm's Blog at and click on Dream Blog to see.

Misconceptions of Editing (when you hire an editor):

While editing a project, and have hired editors on my projects, there are some things we need to understand when we hire or assign an editor on a project or our manuscripts.

There are developmental editors who are not copy editors, and vice versa. After an editing job, sometimes we need to assign another editor to review, such as a light editing job or proofreader before going into print. We should not trust only one person to do the job. Just like we get a second opinion from our medical doctor(s), and other things we do, why not editors too.

We are afraid of spreading our pocket books too. We have to honestly ask the hard questions when you are seeking an editor. A past project I did for a client, I admitted to the author, after these two edits since my focus is on developmental editing and some light to medium editing, to entrust someone else for the proofreading before it goes into print. She did just that! I am pleased to be on the project to open my eyes to our literature since I am also a reviewer, and know what I like to see transcend and transform in books...but I knew my limits. I prefer nonfiction, spiritual books but open to help with light editing/medium and manuscript critiques with fiction.

I have discovered that I enjoy developmental editing (not copy editing) and light editing/proofreading.

However, take criticism from your editor and feedback to make your book marketable. Let egos and pride go, and see how you can make your book a masterpiece. Be willing to grow and GO! I had to do the same on my current novel that should be out this month--what a great editor God assigned to me through prayer, yet my publisher will still assign a proofreader before it goes into print.

Understand the styles of editing and do not expect your editor to do miracles, but help you as a writer to make a better read for your customers, fans, and future clientele.

Dream 4 More,
*Our editing special ends May 31st, read the blog. I will not take all projects and can refer you to our Dream Referrals....editors.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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