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Cynthia Patterson's Review [Goodreads Self-Published Author Group]

In the introduction, the author explains to women why we are always changing our degree plans, careers, hairstyles, etc. is because we are seeking affirmation and praise. Moreover, we strive for love, security, protection, and assurance. Once a woman finds her divine purpose, this is how she becomes Satan's target and enemy. We are constantly masking our feelings and wearing blinders to how we truly should view things going in our lives. We have to discover them, unleash the possibilities, and dreams God has put inside each and every one of us once we tap into the Source (and others to surrender their lives to Christ, who are not saved). Overall, we will face challenges and consequences, "it will/had happen(ed)" but don't let it stop us from seeking God for solutions.

Biblical passages that stuck with me: "your faith has saved you" (Matthew 9:22); "your faith has healed you" (Mark 5:34). Do we stand on our faith that can save you, heal you, and shows that you believe beyond sight. There are also inspirational quotes per each chapter.

"Your relationship with your earthly father would be used as a blueprint in forming your relationship with God" (page 12). Our fathers need to stand up to the plate be leaders, head of the household, and modeling what a godly husband should look like for his daughters as well as be a person to look up to for his sons. I love this line too, "He is in the salvation business, not the satisfaction business" (page 29). "You are created by design. God does not call only the qualified, He qualifies all those for whom He calls" (page 71).

She shares insightful, well-researched, and questions to arise the reader with some biblical stories/concepts to see how other women were hurt, bleeding, or seeking help from isolation, depression, and other disruptive behaviors that are ungodly. When she shared the story about Tamar, who was violated sexually by her brother Amnon and to keep hidden by her other brother Absalom, as her father and King David never punished his son and renewed her honor. I cannot imagine all those years she was isolated, never married, or bore a heir because of losing her virginity of which was the most disgraceful thing in the Old Testament.

Moreover, we need to follow Naomi's action, decisive faith, where we make the decision to get ourselves together! We receive a word from God and take a step of faith towards our destiny. Step in position and stop allowing things to block the blessings. Shift your focus. Start living a life of expectancy.

Other resourceful books: "Every Woman in the Bible" (I have a copy somewhere); "Discovering God's Purpose for your Life" and other books in the back of the book. Additionally, after each chapter is "Discovery Questions" to reflect on your own issues in relation to the concept delivered in each chapter.

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*Received a copy from the author for a book review in the Goodreads Self-Published Authors Group.

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