Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michelle Lark Pre-Interview--RESCHEDULED

Author Name: Michelle Larks
Book Title: Couples Therapy
Publisher: Kensington/Urban Books

Synopsis or Blurb: Four couples take a leap of faith when they participate in couples’ therapy, a new ministry at Chicago’s Christian Fellowship Church. The couples are grappling with issues that run the gamut from coping with unemployed children who return to the family nest to an unplanned pregnancy, and the trials and tribulations of a newly married interracial teenage couple.
Meesha Morrison, president of The Helping Hands Club, who proposed couples’ therapy to the church's official board, has ulterior motives for wanting the new ministry to succeed. She's desperate to save her own marriage, since her husband's climb up the corporate ladder leaves her feeling like a single parent.
Secrets and lies are exposed, and stereotypes are shattered in this powerful tale that examines the importance of communication and the power of forgiveness.

Book Specs (if available):
Mass Paperback, 408 Pages,
ISBN-10: 1601627882
ISBN-13: 978-1601627889

Dream 4 More Blog Section:

What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to write a relevant book about issues people experience in today’s society.

Share one of your dreams and how are you putting forth effort to make it a reality.

One of my dreams was to write a book, and hoped that people who read it, would get the message I was trying to impart. I continued to write to make my dream a reality.

Tell us 4 things that people would love to know about you (we don’t already know).

I recently finished a college course in Medical Billing and Coding, I had a 4.0 GPA, I am a scholar and I love steppin, a form of dancing.

Name your future plans and how you’re building on that dream.

I will continue to write and hope one day to write a national best-selling book.

Who are you bringing on the dream journey with you, if any?

My family, they have been in my corner since day 1.

Who are you modeling after or use as a living example to keep you accomplishing your writing talent?

I don’t model myself after anyone, I just stay disciplined.

Share in brief your writing process (e.g. time of hour you write, best time of the day or night, setbacks or disappointments, and obstacles to undergo as an author).

I am an early morning person. I will power-up my PC and try to write a chapter a day.

What advice do you have for your readers and/or other authors?

To believe in yourself, work hard, learn the business and never give up on your dream.

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