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Redeem Yourself by Jerome Livingston Jr. (Review)

Redeem Yourself to Thy Own Self be TrueRedeem Yourself to Thy Own Self be True by Jerome Livingston Jr.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title of book: Redeem Yourself: To Thy Own Self be True
Author’s name: Jerome Livingston
Publisher: PJ Communication
Release date (or anticipated release): June 13, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9849455-0-4
Specs: paperback, 201
Website (optional):
Category: Nonfiction
Review Summary:
Jerome Livingston Jr. introduces the reader to the social and economic issues such as President Obama inherited the fall of America and how educational institutions are also failing our children. Moreover, our current president is expected to deliver us from such a failed nation. Livingston tackles on economic alternatives and practical reasons to meet the destructive behaviors that led many to the new slavery—prisons in America with cheap labor to increase the economy; new plantation.

This book is powerful, whether it seems factual or opinionated, and voices his views on the prison system boldly and confidently without any restrictions.

Dream Moment(s): “…realize the power behind every single choice; you begin to think more long term about your decisions (p. 13).” There are valuable lessons given in order to change negative behaviors such as stop blaming people and believing someone views about you which can change one’s perception on life. We need to be prepared to face what we dish out based on our choices. He also shared his life turmoil briefly on drugs/alcohol addictions and working on getting his life back on track—no more excuses. He shares his faith in God that all things are possible with Him and truths on building character as well as learn from your mistakes to become a better person.

Nightmare(s): I would suggest a proofreader since there were typographical and minor grammatical issues. Sometimes the flow of the book tends to jump around but able to jump back to where I left off.

Dream 4 More: This is a self-help book with life examples with wealth of insight and reminders that will keep us encouraged, uplifting key points, and raw truths. “Use that same hustler’s spirit to elevate your game legitimately (p. 19).” Jerome Livingston Jr. has self-improving points on social issues, education, politics, poverty, employment, success, and domestic violence to name a few. He even touches on the cycle of abuse among Black families—breaking the generational curse cycles.

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