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Astria Legends: Genesis by Amanda Reaves

Astria Legends GenesisAstria Legends Genesis by Amanda S. Reaves

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Astria Legends: Genesis (Book 1)

Author: Amanda S. Reaves

Publisher: Infinity

Release date (or anticipated release): 8/13/2010

ISBN: 978-0-7414-6039-4

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Ebook ISBN:

Specs: 255 pages

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Category: Fantasy YA

Review Summary:

The novel opens the reader into a mystical, fairytale like characters that all play a role in the magical land of Zanali, includes seven planets as a whole governed by the creator Exalted One who assigns Serendas to keep watch over the planets. Although this book is a mystical, fantasy related read for Young Adults, I quickly found myself captured into the characters in relation to biblical characters such as the Watchers in Genesis 6 in comparison to the Serendas. Zavis also resembled the fallen angels, who refused to follow the Exalted Ones orders and were separated from the Serendas (who initially kept watch of all seven planets until the Exalted One removed them from this assignment order). Serendas are broken into 4 groups: Creation, Vitalize, Flare, and Death. Spectrums were non-sociable, hermit, and loners to keep the peace within the magical lands. Astrians (Angels) were the first created creatures by the Exalted One. Astria Legends is where legends are born with an inspirational twist, and dreams explode in the Astria Galaxy.

Oddly, as the chapters revealed more about the plans of the other lands and its creation, especially reading about the colorful spectrums, reminded me of 80s cartoons: Rainbow Brite and Care Bears. There are 8 Spectrums who protect the colorful layers of the spectrum and also questioning their roles/abilities given by the Creator. Overall, there are numerous characters to gather in the reading, and see how the story unfolds dealing with a powerful force, Sin, head on. Sin comes in various forms but to witness it in its purest form was unheard of (page 46).

Overall the novel spun into a whirlwind of beings of both good and evil, unleashing these spirits that spurted from their inner thoughts or feelings such a envy, guilt, and pride to name a few, and colorful characters that makes the reader’s mind burst into a mystical imagination.

Dream Moment(s): “decisions have lasting effects” (page 20). I was captured by the mythological stem of the storyline where Ambrose goes to speak with the Sire, and to find the 6-6-6 beast that will break the planet wide open with chaos, destruction, and death whereas many will follow this mythological beast. Would this young Ambrose, a Zavi militant warrior, be able to find this myth while Sire steps into his position with the Council? Another thing that gathered my undivided attention in the book, each time a character or pivotal being has a negative emotion or discord, it counteracts and forms into a new being and spits the words out of its mouth. This also changes the atmosphere of the Spectrums, colors grow dim. Just like when we let Sin in our lives, our passion and love grows dim. I loved most of the quotes starting each chapter with the artwork below. “It’s not always what you see that will hurt you the most. It is what you fail to see. And that doesn’t mean with your eyes” (page 126).

Nightmare(s): In the early chapter, I found the dialogue of the characters to be monotone, stoic, and hard to distinguish at times where I had to re-read briefly. Descriptive in narration in the first chapter but some of the writings kept me reading and to see what will transcend. (I ran across a few minor typographical errors and wrong word usage but was able to figure it out and continue to read).

Dream 4 More (Keep us Dreaming or Begging for more): In the early chapter, I’m hoping to see what takes place after reading about Serenda to follow in accordance to the Book of Essentia not to create life to make the Book of Mire a reality. Amanda S. Reaves interweaves fantasy and characters from biblical figures, lovely artwork (like graphic novels where she displayed her artwork per chapter), and would encourage the author to consider incorporating a graphic novel. Reaves has also ventured with action-like figurines featured on Astria Legends LIKE Facebook page, a website to showcase these characters including profiles, and possibly starting an animated series virtually. This makes the reader dream for more and more to look forward to with these mystical characters. Moreover, I cannot wait to see book 2 in the series (Exodus).

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