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"Mists of Darkness" by M.J. Evans' Review

Mists of Darkness: Book Two of the Mist TrilogyMists of Darkness: Book Two of the Mist Trilogy by M.J. Evans
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I had the pleasure of reading the first book of the Mist Trilogy and now reading the next installment of the three book series. Once again, the author writes a sensational book with a fairytale twist of good and evil with a mixture of horses, unicorns, fairies, and mystical beings in Celestria. Now the darkness takes a toil in Churchill Downs race track in Kentucky, where in the dark mist several horses disappeared without a trace. The suspense draws the reader in and wonders how the dark leader, Hasbadana, cunning demeanor will cause chaos and havoc in the land of Celestria now on earth.

Moreover, there were valuable lessons shared on love, redemption, and even forgiveness where one can turn from their evil ways. Yet sometimes it will take time before they can become trustworthy.

This book touched me on so many levels, mostly morally and spiritually. The unicorns mission is to fulfill their assignment on earth, just like as humans we are called to do. Once the transformation has been completed, we'll receive new names and even new positions like Lazari (once named Jazz) to help others develop and transform into who they are called to be. I would highly recommend this book for 12-17 year olds. Adults with childlike spirits are also welcome to read this literature.

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