Thursday, July 29, 2010

Host with the Most

Never been done before:

Adrienna Turner show allowing Dream Summore to host and open to your questions live on the show...or send them in for those who are scared to ask live. September 4, 9pm CST. Get your copy of "Mirror, Beware!" today to give your comments, suggestions, and questions for the author. Share if you dare.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

BTR Interview w/ Janese Dixon's book: Black Diamond

Black Diamond by Ja'Nese Dixon. Nia ePublishing. 2010. Dream4More Rating: Sweet Dreams. 4 stars.

Ja'Nese Dixon's debut book is a romantic suspense and even saw it to be as a legal thriller. Camille takes us on a wild-goose chase to unlock the secrets and illegal acts, even murder, when taking on the case on international diamond trading. Ja'Nese pace can be slow in the beginning to be connected to the characters, breath-taking in the middle to end of the book, but you definitely want to finish until the very last sentence on the page. She keeps you intrigued to the very last part of the story--which reminds me of a thriller seen on TV with a happy ending and glimpse of the terror in the midst. Will there be a sequel?

Moreover, I like the valid points discussed in the book such as 'male bashing'; sibling rivalry between Camille and her brother that can play an important role in her FBI training and running this case solo in a setting with primarily male co-workers; black woman portraying a significant role in the corporate world; and able to detach her feelings to complete the case...and to fall in love and have a family of her own.

Dream 4 More Review,
Adrienna Turner

Listen to the archives when she appeared on the Adrienna Turner Show:

*The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect the opinions of Dream4More Firm. We received a copy of the book by the author for a book review and interview on our BTR showcase.

Dream 4 More Radio: August and September

August 1st: Dream 4 More presents "God is in the Equation-Step Out of the Closet and Walk into your Calling."

August 8th: Tywebbin presents Patricia Haley

August 15th: Tywebbin presents Shana Burton

August 22nd: Tywebbin presents H. Ronald Roseboro "Is there a Samson in You?"

August 29th: Tywebbin presents ReShonda Tate Billingsley

September 5th: Tywebbin presents Sherryle Jackson

September 12th: Tywebbin presents Aleysha Proctor

September 19th: Tywebbin presents LaShonda Michelle

September 26th: Tywebbin presents Chizelle Archie

We are still looking to fill dates in October, 2nd and 4th Sundays are for Dream Interviews with Dream Authors. We appreciate Tyora Moody with Tywebbin to bring such great authors and inspirational women and men!

We air on Sundays, 5pm Central Time, join us at Dream4More Radio. 347-989-0702. Authors call in 5-7 minutes prior to scheduled show since lines get full quickly and welcome to chat in our chatroom during live shows.

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Dream Summore, Get your Copy Now

Did you get your copy: Mirror, Beware by Dream Summore?

I'll have some copies can order through Dream4More Firm. Limited supply. Only $15, no shipping lasts until July 31st.

You can also send monies to PayPal ( We'll mail out by Saturdays!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Relationship Show; Singles

We have a poet, Nakia L. schedule on August 21st
for 20-30 min & then we'll look at adding in the second half of the show: "Singleness, Sex, and Selfless Relationships" with some tough

Do you want to be on the panel to discuss it? Email us at to be on the Adrienna Turner Show! 9pm
...Central Time, Saturdays.

August 14th is Secrets of Success; Why Authors Fail for only 15-30 minutes. Adrienna Turner Show. 9pm CST. 347-308-8612.

Join us: July 24, 31st on the Adrienna Turner show on Relationship Panel: Single, married, separated, and divorced.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 2010 Reviews

It Ain't Just the Size by M.G. Hardie. 2010. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams. 4 stars.

It Ain’t Just the Size kept my attention from start to finish with the combination of characters, personal issues and views on current events.

Lance has his hands full by being a positive example of a man that happens to be black and even through trials and tribulations. His journey takes you on a trip from undergoing a difficult parenting situation, a criminal background, and his education, his love for people, his friends, and the need for a soul mate.

This book has a host of characters that are so realistic that you can find yourself becoming a part of the family. There were so many areas covered in the story that is impossible to lose interest and some of the topics reach the reader in ways that seem so close to home and makes you feel like you’re a part of the cipher.

Although there is so many things introduced in this story, but the book avoids being confusing or overbearing. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a combination of drama, education, and love.

Dream 4 More Reviewer,

Emmanuel Brown

* The opinions of the reviewer does not reflect the opinions of Dream 4 More Firm. We received a copy of the book from the author to write a book review.

The Truth As I See It by Nakia R. Lashaul. 2010. Serendipity Bound Books.

Nakia writes from the depths of her heart, passion, and previous experiences. She also speaks on legacies, happy and sad moments, and what roots are we spurting up (Tree). She has broken her poetry and prose in four sections: You and Me; Love; God; and Life. This shows she knows her purpose for writing and what areas God has placed in her heart and spirit to write.

“I Am Not Afraid” is a poem that speaks about generational fears and these ancestors past wearies us from carrying their burdens but its time to lay it to rest—not to be afraid anymore. We have to step into our destiny and not re-live their past burdens and curses; don’t let it carry over and put it to rest. Let it bury in the graves where they rest.

“To My Child” is about a mother’s love, ability to teach her child to love, build character, morals, confidence, and to shield them from evil.

“Divine Complements” is an explosive, dynamic and spirit-lead poem how two are inseparable and destined to be together; first these souls are born into the world to find each other in due time to spend eternity together. Can this poem be read at my wedding? I also will read “Love Unknown” to my future love.

Moreover, some poems are so passionate that explodes with profound language but doesn’t loose its flow and meaning. There are many inspirational and assertive poems that move you and enjoy for pleasurable reading. There a poem or two that I loved in each section. This is a must read and would love to have this woman on my future poetry show(s).

*The inevitable some books have, typos, that can happen from typesetting or eyes overlook sometimes. However, it doesn’t take away from the message itself.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Adrienna Turner

*The opinions of the reviewer does not reflect the opinions of Dream 4 More Firm. We received a copy of the book from the author to write a book review and future interview/poetry spotlight.

If You Don't Tell by D.V. Hent. 2009. Naughty Ink Press.

DV Hent with his debut novel has created the wildest fantasies with his characters: Laela, Quinton, and Teniyah; as I can feel the agony, pain, and marriage not made in heaven with Simone's inner thoughts and do not want to be a coke-addict like her mother.

DV Hent, when I read Simone's character, must have studied the woman's anatomy, passion, and emotional side--since I can envision all her thoughts while reading on. I can see myself agreeing with her since I plan to marry and have children someday soon.

I think Laela is too south for me, over the edge, to try the unthinkable before marriage with Quinton and will see where this love-roller coaster-will take them all.

Do we have a new Eric Jerome Dickey, he is one writer that not only writes well; verbiage-usage; but also knows the essence of a woman!

Is there a sequel? There were some parts that were stretched and made the book long, but still good.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
4 stars: Sweet Dreams

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mirror Beware, get it today!

Did you get your copies of "Mirror, Beware" by Dream Summore and "Love Found Me" by Vanessa Richardson: both inspirational fiction writers under GSH Publishing. Dream Summore has contest going on until July 4th only! It has been going since end of May 2010. Ends in a couple days! Get your copy today:!

Ja'Nese Dixon's Black Diamond

She will be on Adrienna Turner Show:

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