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Pieces of Me by Tremayne Moore Review

Pieces of Me: Finding Heather JonesPieces of Me: Finding Heather Jones by Tremayne Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Pieces of Me" is a story about Heather Jones who is facing various types of abuse that may be overlooked. Tremayne Moore clearly shares her story about sexual abuse in the home of her parents caused by her father, and learned she could get out of the household if she got pregnant. Therefore, she did just that and hoped life would be better by moving in a neighborhood friend, Marvin, whom she's know since third grade. Her life still went down a rocky-road after the birth of her son, Jaden.

I also liked how the Mr. Moore touched on male domination and women subordination, which is actually taught by the leader, the Bishop of that church home where the couple attends. Moreover, Heather was in a roller-coaster of a relationship with a fiancé like Marvin, who always made her feel guilty, condemned for a sin since everything she did was wrong in his eyes.

There were some minor issues in the storytelling that I brought to the author's attention. Yet it didn't distract me and still was able to get the gist of it. I believe Mr. Moore's had good intentions to share what goes on in the mindset of someone being abused overall and executed some of those tales rather well; but Heather tells the story to a women's conference as if she's have a conversation with someone as scenes linger.

Most of all, I loved how he challenges the reader at the end with discussion questions in reference to domestic violence and abuse in general. He also includes valuable resources for domestic abuse/violence. Tremayne Moore is a man who writes about things that needs public attention. He is a man with a voice and hopes to get justice for the unjust. Overall, his voice was heard once again in this piece, and able to see the pieces of Heather Jones from her viewpoint; which can be a voice for many voices that are not heard. 

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Abby Vandiver Virtual Dream4More Interview

Author Name: Abby L. Vandiver
Book Title: In the Beginning
Publisher: Media Web Publishing, Inc.

Synopsis or Blurb: Not fast paced or action packed, In the Beginning, is thought provoking and a page turner. Set in 1997, it follows Biblical archaeologist Justin Dickerson, who is unhappy with her life and is trying to run away from her problems. Intervening, her mentor asks that she go with him to the Fifty Year Jubilee commemorating the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem. There she finds that in 1949 some of the 2,000 year old manuscripts, hidden in clay pots in the caves of Qumran, may have been destroyed. Justin, obsessed with this revelation, is determined to get to the bottom of the deceit. Uncontrollable emotion takes hold of her, and family and faith help guide her as she unfolds the truth of Earth's ancient mysteries discovering what really happened In the Beginning . . .

Dream 4 More Blog Interview: 

What inspired you to write this book?

Right now what is inspiring me to write is that my book, In the Beginning, is an Amazon #1 Best Seller. I am so happy, I just want to write all day and get another book out there. But mostly, I like to talk and share with people about a host of things and what better way than to write? You meet other authors who enjoy the same things you do, you get feedback, good or bad, from your readers.

Share one of your dreams and how are you putting forth effort to make it a reality.

One of my dreams is to never have to go out of the house to work again. Lol. And certainly, being a writer is helping me to do that. It is so nice to stay at home and sit in front of the computer and write. Now don’t get me wrong I worked for more than thirty-five years, so this is a dream I’ve had a long time. Writing might just make that dream come true.

Tell us 4 things that people would love to know about you that we don’t already know.

Well, people really don’t know anything about me. I’m a brand new author and haven’t had many opportunities that this one, to be interviewed about my and my book. But here goes.1). I graduated from high school when I was sixteen. I completely skipped the 12th grade; 2) I have three degrees, but in spite of getting out of school so young, I still didn’t get my first degree until I was thirty-six years old; 3). I am a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc; and 4) At one time I worked as the Registrar for the City of Cleveland and anyone born or died during that time their Certificate carries my name and signature. So if my writing doesn’t leave a lasting mark of me, those birth and death certificates will.

Name your future plans and how you’re building on that dream.

My future plans are to keep writing books. I so enjoy it and more so than that, I enjoy sharing my books with other people. I am so delighted when others read my book.

Who are you bringing on the dream journey with you, if any?

Just me. I’ve learned to enjoy my company. I have long-time friends, and family is always close. But I like spending time with me. But, on the other hand since writing books is part of my dream I suspect that I won’t be along because I will have a cast of characters sharing my time with me.

Who are you modeling after or use as a living example to keep you accomplishing your writing talent?

To become better at my craft, if that’s what you mean, I only look to me. I endeavor every day to be a better writer. I do that by reading other authors’ work, by reviewing English grammar and by speaking with others. And to ensure I’m getting better I look to comments and critiques from my readers.

Share in brief your writing process (e.g. time of hour you write, best time of the day or night, setbacks or disappointments, and obstacles to undergo as an author).

I am so not like any other writer I’ve met. I write on napkins and receipts and backs of envelopes. Wherever I am and whatever I have handy when an idea hits I jot it down. I don’t do an outline and sometimes I’m not even sure of the direction of the story until I’m well into it. And who can say how much time? You have to edit, re-edit and edit some more and that takes forever!

What advice do you have for your readers and/or other authors?

Get another pair of eyes! It is so hard to catch your own mistakes. I go over my work time and time again and still can find mistakes. It is so hard, especially for self-published or indie authors to get someone to read their books. But do try. It will be well worth it.

What goals are you soaring for (Soar 4 Your Encore)?

I’m too old to really have goals that I want to attain. I’ve done what I really wanted to do and that was marry the man I wanted to marry and get a college degree. I did both of those for whatever it was worth. So, now my goal, if you want to call it that, is just to keep this ole’ body going for another fifty-five years.

Join us for her radio interview on Dream4More Radio and hopefully a Spreecast web cam interview.

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Women of Faith 09/26 by Read You Later | Books Podcasts

Women of Faith 09/26 by Read You Later | Books Podcasts

Here Paulette Harper first part of the program and then Adrienna Turner (me) in the second half of the program. So blessed by this program!

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Something Furry Underfoot Review

Something Furry UnderfootSomething Furry Underfoot by Amy L. Peterson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"Something Furry Underfoot" is an eclectic, humorous title which denotes that the book will probably be setup in the same manner. Once I started reading, I found it slightly witty with the usage of metaphors and silly expressive names used in context to share the phenomenon of stray animals having a place to stay in their home. These animals become part of the family, aside from their demanding degrees or careers of the parents (Mark and Amy) with four children already.

Amy L Peterson also clearly expresses tip points throughout the passages. The second tip stuck with me; clearly saying if you take one pet, you will easily take in another animal. So far, I took in a stray who was pregnant with babies of three and only kept one of the babies with the mother (so does this actually count for two? Then this rule would apply; otherwise, I do not plan to take in another). However, nothing like what was stated in the book where there are multiple animals in their household. 

Ironically, most of the animals are either exotic or pets that I would not typically want. I don't know how Amy did it, with a husband who kept bringing pets in and not sure if I would have dealt with it this long. Then they try breeding certain pets they've had in their home and realize it is not profitable as expected. I laughed at ferrets being like two year olds, not listening to orders. But the expense illustrated in the book, I see why I never wanted a ferret as a pet. Even to find one can be a difficult task as well as the expense of vet bills.

I agree that it is harder to say good-bye to a pet than hello as aforementioned in one of the tips. I still cry over one of my childhood dogs named Chico.

I would suppose those who are interested in pets, exotic animals, breeding, and a witty furry animal type of book as a pet owner may enjoy this read.

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Jesus Pimped Serapis-Sermon on Black Christ Review

I read MC ILL Lee Jest previous work over a year ago, and now his latest book demystifies the acid slavery test of a faith system that seems to detest Christianity in the sense of Faux White God that oppressed the Black-African race due to enslavement. He also includes factual information based on past and recent historical and economical circumstances, even with the Illuminati that he calls as the New World order.

Yet because of my faith-based beliefs, some parts were very difficult for me to project and accept, especially from a Babylonian historical perspective, or Muslim-like beliefs noted from which first civilization is believed to be Africans (and their religious beliefs). I would like to note this author has put in scholarly effort and shares some essays that are uniquely crafted in respect to the Diaspora of West Africa as well as other measures that need to be considered.

He quotes from Dr. Jay, "Bible is a total fictional and stolen text from the Council of Nicea." Then want to convince me that Jesus was actually Osiris as Tutakhamun in circa 1400 B.C. Therefore, these beliefs detest what I truly believe and have lived by since a child. Moreover, it is written that Jesus is a Black African not Babylonian Jew (p. 57).

Yet there are scholars and certain religions who would love to read these historical, biblical perspectives from this concept.

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MaryAnn Koopmann's Reviews: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 1) Review

MaryAnn Koopmann's Reviews: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 1) Review: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 1) by  Adrienna Turner  (Goodreads Author),  Dream 4 More Firm  (Editor), Laura Shinn  (Cover Designe...

MaryAnn Koopmann's Reviews: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 2) Review

MaryAnn Koopmann's Reviews: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 2) Review: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 2) by  Adrienna Turner  (Goodreads Author),  Dream 4 More Firm  (Editor), Laura Shinn  (Cover Desi...

MaryAnn Koopmann's Reviews: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 3) Review

MaryAnn Koopmann's Reviews: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 3) Review: Unleashing the Spirits (Volume 3) by  Adrienna Turner  (Goodreads Author),  Dream 4 More Firm  (Editor), Laura Shinn  (Cover Design...

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C Alease "The Fosters" Review

The FostersThe Fosters by C. Alease

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I started reading "The Fosters," I wasn't sure what to expect. The story started in a facility called Haven Of Hope, which was an orphanage for unwanted kids--at least how they pictured it. Roberta was able to take the lettering of the facility, calling it "Have No Hope." Somehow regardless of their differences, a chosen few became like family. But with every good thing, separation happens, and learn to fend for themselves. Eventually Chrissy was placed in a home, leaving Till behind, and years later reunite in their college years.

Can twins really be apart? Beryl left the orphanage to a home without her sister, Cheryl. Although Beryl wrote her sister a letter of her happiness, Cheryl had a bitterness lingering in her heart and decided to end that pain in an unsettling manner.

Chrissy (Chris Collins) after two years of helping launch and making Till magazine become a success as they agreed, it was time for Chris to step out and pursue her dream as well. But had no idea what emotional roller-coaster would resurface to write such a book about the Facility.

Alfred had some things that he had to bury, and quite contrary, we see the transformation he had to make which best suited him. He also shares his story for the book that Chris Collins is writing and hopefully will share with the world. Unbelievably, Till and Alfred, had one thing in common. Even after the speculations, you will see how these two openly share their hidden secret when they were once in the Facility. Alfred, later Cleo, tells it all and sat there with my mouth agape.

Roberta, the one who held the "family" together while in the Facility, had a turn for the worse. Hopefully, she will find resolution.

I would highly recommend this for Young Adult to read, those who experienced separation or parting from families to new families, and even moves into college years (New Adult). Adults can see this as a learning tool, especially since I used to work as a Big Sister (Amachi program), mentor/tutor for disadvantage children, and also as a Youth Development Specialist with at-risk youth.

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Dream4More Reviews on Dream4More Radio on BTR

Join us on Dream4More Radio:

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We will come on August 24, Saturday, 5:30 PM Central Time.

We hope to have two ladies to join us: C Alease and Ayani Meli (which we've also reviewed their books).

God Says...I've Changed your DNA by Ayani_Meli Review

God Says I've Changed Your DNA: Walk as Children of the LightGod Says I've Changed Your DNA: Walk as Children of the Light by Ayani _Meli

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book in the "God Says" series written by Ayani Meli shares on the adoption process in a child's eye. This was dear to me, how the author also shared her experiences with the adoption process in a children book for the world to know. There is an unknown fear, hoping that the worse doesn't happen because of other adoption cases that didn't turn out so well. Jakhayri luckily has his close friend June to share this grand process with, while waiting for the adoption process to be completed.

It is a heart-felt, touchy aspect on adoption but more importantly on DNA from a natural and spiritual perspective. One mother may have given birth to this precious child, yet another one takes him in their home to raise him as their very own. He also learns about the spiritual DNA=adopted as joint heirs with Jesus Christ and how he changes our DNA. Term used that is "Divine Nature & Anointing"! He also received a "new" name like we receive a "new" name in Christ.

Additionally, this is based on the biblical passage: Ephesians 5. Therefore, I would highly recommend this for your children who have special needs, or uniquely made, and Christian parents to read to their children. This is the second book in the God Says series by Ayani Meli.

Dream 4 More Reviews has received "God Says...I've Changed your D.N.A." by the author for a book review.

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God says the Struggle is Over by Ayani_Meli Review

God Says the Struggle Is OverGod Says the Struggle Is Over by Ayani Meli

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am still a "child" at heart and love children books. I also used to be a caregiver for small children, as well as private school teacher for PreK to Kindergarten. So I was glad to receive a copy of the God Says series by Ayani Meli, which is written with a purpose about children with special needs but doesn't limit them or change their identity of who God sees and says them to be!

Jakhayri (Juh-ki-ree) starts his first day at Kindergarten and already prepared to face the harsh remarks by his peers until he meets June, who was noted as "needy" due to her special need that made her seem incapable. But their parents had faith in their abilities to be placed in a regular classroom and not to be labeled as such because of their disabilities. What I loved most about the children's book (memorable moment): is that we cannot do it alone and have to work collectively such as team work to make the plan work!

Most children books have a moral of the story and this book surely has it! It is also packed with godly wisdom that you can clearly see and use in your own life as well. I will have this book on the shelf for my niece and nephew to read or read to them too!

At the end, I found myself singing, "This little light of mines. I'm gonna let it shine!"

Additionally, this is based on the biblical passage: Ephesians 5. Therefore, I would highly recommend this for your children who have special needs, or uniquely made, and Christian parents to read to their children (or allow them to read on their own).

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North MysticNorth Mystic by M J Evans

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The opening of the book starts off about a wealthy parent, Mrs. Callahan seeking a new sitter, but oddly doesn't have to interact with the kids. The new sitter has state-of-the-art technology to monitor with video footage and speak to the children on a microphone. Reading this bothered me dearly since I used to be a caregiver, no interaction, touch, but only directing and seeing children on technological equipment and expecting them to behave practically on their own.

A chapter later, the adventure begins...what's behind the door to explore. This takes me back to when I first read C.S. Lewis' children novel "Chronicles of Narnia." Although the adventure starts with precious jewels, gold, and meeting Leprechauns and hearing about the horrid stories of the trolls who kept requiring their gold even though the Vikings are no more, this former teacher (M.J. Evans) finds a way to not only make this novel adventurous but a tool for showcasing historical events around 1062AD where the Vikings were destroyed by the King of England. It also teaches independence, to fight for what you believe in and hold so dearly, and strategically as well as collectively unite as a unit to win the battle that lies ahead. Each person uses their talents, intellect, or former learning skills to stand against their worst enemy with speaking up for their rights or simply will have to physically fight. This adventure finds a way for young people to see and utilize their talents collectively and freely to do what is right for the common good.

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Seasons of Purdah by Anjuelle Floyd Review

Anjuelle Floyd sophomore novel, Seasons of Purdah, Floyd embraces love, friendship, and relationships in a triangular scope. Sahel has deeply cared or loved her two male best friends: Titus and Carl; however, she married Titus. Once she loses her sight, she has past memories that alarms her heart and wishes she'd picked the one she loved, not who her mother felt was best for her. A stranger, James, raises the heat because of the conviction of his health condition versus Sahel reminds him of his past lover that didn't choose him. It's like reverse psychology at its best in relationships.

The readers sees the depth of the relationship between the two best friends and did she choose the wrong one but as James suddenly comes into her life, she sees how it happened in reverse and he's left holding the hurt and pain from a major decision not based on love.

If you love romance and psychological aspects coming into play, then you will enjoy this read. Relational readers that can see the connection, the binding forces and factors that untangle, then you will be inspired and heart transpires the most important aspect in relationships--love. Moreover, if you believe in DREAMS and able to see each other realities through each other eyes, then this will be a sweet dream journey read for you.

My only issue with the novel was the redundancy with the dream about the Kingdom of Purdah, Sahel's blindness in relation to her love for Titus, and a few other incidents reiterated throughout the novel from beginning to end.

Dream 4 More Reviews has received Seasons of Purdah  by the author for a book review.

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"Mists of Darkness" by M.J. Evans' Review

Mists of Darkness: Book Two of the Mist TrilogyMists of Darkness: Book Two of the Mist Trilogy by M.J. Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had the pleasure of reading the first book of the Mist Trilogy and now reading the next installment of the three book series. Once again, the author writes a sensational book with a fairytale twist of good and evil with a mixture of horses, unicorns, fairies, and mystical beings in Celestria. Now the darkness takes a toil in Churchill Downs race track in Kentucky, where in the dark mist several horses disappeared without a trace. The suspense draws the reader in and wonders how the dark leader, Hasbadana, cunning demeanor will cause chaos and havoc in the land of Celestria now on earth.

Moreover, there were valuable lessons shared on love, redemption, and even forgiveness where one can turn from their evil ways. Yet sometimes it will take time before they can become trustworthy.

This book touched me on so many levels, mostly morally and spiritually. The unicorns mission is to fulfill their assignment on earth, just like as humans we are called to do. Once the transformation has been completed, we'll receive new names and even new positions like Lazari (once named Jazz) to help others develop and transform into who they are called to be. I would highly recommend this book for 12-17 year olds. Adults with childlike spirits are also welcome to read this literature.

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Dream 4 More Reviews and Adrienna Reads

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