Monday, February 3, 2014

Dream4More Review: I just came to dance by Susan Malone

I Just Came Here to Dance is literary fiction. The synopsis is what caught my interest. For me, the prologue read more like a first chapter. But as I read the first few chapters, there was very little that kept my attention. Paula Anne Fairbanks is married to Martin aka Marty, who no longer has no interest in and keeps fantasizing about that kiss with Taylor Jo who seems to be no-good-man. She has a young ten year old son named after her husband: Martin Douglass. Finally things come to a fold when she catches her husband in the adultery act, and moves in with Diana, known as the Sociable witch. But it seems to be rumors of the town since I didn't read anything that indicated she was such (a witch). And also, Mrs. Paula Anne is not so innocent herself.

Oddly I didn't really like this read in the beginning but some parts made me wonder how it will end. It picked up about midway. However, I did like Mama character (Paula Anne's mother). She was relatable to me. Overall, I am glad that things worked out for Paula Anne in the end.

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