Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dream4More Radio New Year Showcases

* Dream Moments (1st Sundays): inspiring stories of triumph, victory, redemption, repentance, and glorious moments to encourage/edify others.
* Literary Moments (2nd Sundays): panel discussions on literary-related topics, encourage authors to be on panels and avid readers/reviewers and some social/community based issues that pertains to illiteracy and challenge people to innovate ways to get people reading and dreaming again!
* Dream Interviews (3rd Sundays): interviews with dreamers, motivators, realist, innovators, creators, entrepreneur spirits, and positive people who want to see change, to influence others, and to keep people dreaming with a future of hope.
* Dream 4 More: (4th Sundays) genre-based authors; literary professionals; and other professionals in social, youth-based programs, organizations, and community events that are enforcing positive methods to shed a positive light on their audience/people.

More details on: http://www.dreams4more.com/dream4moreradio.htm

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