Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take a Class

"Having a degree doesn't mean you can ever stop learning. Find Webinars, seminars, and crash courses at your target industry's trade association (or literary). You'll still gain the knowledge and may get a break on the tuition fees." Essence, April 2011 Issue, p. 148.

Therefore, this is why I'm offering my knowledge, reading, and research on such topics: literary, social media/networking, dream experience series, writing/editing, and more. You can send your suggestions or inquiries to dream4more@earthlink.net for future classes that I can consider.

Join us March 10 or 12th (Thurs/Sat) at 9pm EST. $5.50 Paypal to dream4more@earthlink.net.

We will add Paypal buttons also to the site on "Dream Experience Series" on How to be an Award-Winning Author. www.dream4more.webs.com

Been asked, now you can hear it from the source. Q&A, take notes, and feedback.

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