Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Spotlights on Adrienna Turner Show coming soon

We want to add book discussion spotlights on A.T. Show. Books we've either reviewed or Book of the Month that have controversial, inspirational issues that need to be addressed. Review on our forum (for details): http://dream4more.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/4499944-book-discussion

Book Discussion Outline:
Get copies of these books to read/review from Amazon, book stores, or libraries if available to send your questions to adriennaturnershow@gmail.com by end of July for August Book Spotlight Discussion. Send queries at least 1 week before the shows.

Guests are welcome to also ask their questions on the phone line (limit to 2 minutes per speaker) or in the chat room of a live show.

August Book Spotlights:
"The Boy with Stripes" by Reverend Eddie Wiggins
"Mirror, Beware!" by Dream Summore

*Both books from a memoir and novel speak on domestic violence, adoptive homes or foster-care/group homes, and through all the drama will inspire you.
*We will try to get authors to be on the call; otherwise, it is open for discussion for all readers. Book Clubs are welcome to join too. No vulgar language is allowed. Be mindful what is shared since it is recorded and live worldwide.

September Book Spotlights:
"The Certain Ones" by Vanessa Richardson
"Once Upon a Miracle" by Wanda Baylis

*Both books cover health/medical issues that are a miracle to still live and share their inspirational stories with the world.
*We hope to have both or one of the authors available during book discussion session.

Book Spotlights are only open to those who have done Dream Your Reality BOM and/or Dream 4 More Reviews. We'll select those books that have a purpose; social, medial, or overlooked issues; and/or continue for the readers to dream for more!

Dates will be announced soon. 30 minute segments. 1 author per spotlight. Will happen in the month listed above.

Review our site: www.dream4more.webs.com

Dream 4 More,

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