Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inspriational Sale ends Soon

Reminder. Only 8 more days left, the sale will end. This is a crazy sale since "The Day Begins with Christ" is retailed at $18.99 and you get two books that are normally at $15, no shipping, for only $35 for three inspirational/spiritual books. (Dream Store). Never had a sale like this! April 1st, Fool's Day, don't be fooled out of this sale.

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  1. Currently, I am working on upload for ebook formats now. I'm testing first "Desire at Will" for $6.99 ebook, $11.99 book on and then "The Day Begins with Christ" $9.99 ebook, retail is $18.99 on Amazon. Then, I'll do "God is in the Equation" by April 1st before it is available in stores in May/June via book format. This will be for $6.99 too.

    Dream Yours,
    Adrienna Turner
    Still have inspirational sale for physical books, 3 for $35. (Dream Store)



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