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Friends 2 Lovers Review

Friends 2 LoversFriends 2 Lovers by Jonathan Anthony Burkett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this book, there are some major issues and challenges covered inside such as Troy, 20-year-old, high school student (which he is nearly passed the age limit of 21 or number of years to be in school versus obtaining his GED); parents rely on Claude, 17-year-old senior to graduate and be the successful one of the family; and how family’s secrets lead to rivalries between the next generation. Troy Daniel is the bad boy; some would view as a split-image of his father’s past behaviors growing up at his age. He is willing to lie down his life if anything ever happens to his brother, Claude. Claude cares deeply for his best friend, Kelly, who is unable at first to see beyond their friendship. Their father, Charles, even hides the fight that broke-out between Stanley and his son, Robert, because Stan rammed into his BMW. This was so immature and childish for men to fight over a car bump, when they could have handled this in a more civilized manner such as call the police, report the accident, and contact their insurance providers. This fight between grown men, later involved their children too. We have to be mindful of our actions and responses since it also has a bearing on our offspring (children). I hope the author was trying to point this out in the book as well.

Overall, this book exemplifies a teenage love affair that displays love in words, expression, and poetry but love takes action as Kelly’s mother, Latoya, mentioned in the reading (Show Me motto). In the earlier readings, we see friends become lovers or friends-with-benefits and Claude admits that he loves Kelly like family (sister). However, we see love without commitment and Claude prefers to remain friends and not lose their close-relationship but making love is on a deeper level than just friends, or sister-like relationship he expressed to Latoya. Later, he can’t deny no matter how hard he tries that he has to be with his first love.

This book would be great for older teens (15-19). It was well-written as far as descriptive, some characters sounded similar and had to re-read on some parts to make sure who was speaking, and very proper-speaking characters versus Ebonics or slang with some teenagers today. Even great writers/authors are still learning the differences between ‘showing and not telling’ and read many authors works in some capacity still tell us the story in their narrative voices or descriptions. As an author too, I still work on this notion in my fiction writings. This book was over 350 pages, which the college life was slow and could have been written shorter to keep the grips of the reader (or eliminated); easily could have been 250 pages or less.

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