Sunday, March 20, 2011

Merging Dream4More Radio with Adrienna Turner Show in July

Host Adrienna Turner has been nominated and on the air since November 2008, after 2 years, she is looking at new ways to do less and still make it one of the best shows on the airwaves. With three Internet-radio programs, she'll take a break in June (no shows scheduled) and then will merge Dream 4 More Radio (4th scheduled date of the weekly segments) with Adrienna Turner Show. It will be renamed: Adrienna Turner's Dream4More Radio (A.T. Dream4More Radio).

We will still utilize both email accounts, depending on showcase. Email:,

We are also seeking pastors, ministers, prayer warriors, etc. for Dream Yours Midnight Hour. Review our site: and click on radio to see how you can be a part of the show. We suggest to listen to Episode 10, since we got the most responses with this guest speaker/reverend at

Please fill out this survey for A.T. Show and will update our time/day by May. Break in June. Resume in July or so! Survey:

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