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The House by Anjuelle Floyd. NOJ Publications. Dream 4 More Ratings: Sweet Dreams.

Anjuelle Floyd’s first novel, “The House”, and her sophomore work, opens up with the divorce legal proceedings of Anna and Edward. Shortly later, Anna discovers Edward in the hospital for a deadly disease—cancer. How can a woman be furious in the proceedings and then welcome the same man in her home to take care of him in his last three months of life? I had to see where the author is going with this—some would say, “dying” and “divorce” doesn’t mix where one would see this as an “option” to be there for someone who is dying and filing a divorce. Edward had adulterous affairs during their marriage, and makes one wonder why. The author, Anjuelle, later examines and shares why he had these affairs on his wife, Anna.

Edward Manning believes as long as he’s the provider and met these requirements as a husband by providing a “home” and “financial stability” for his wife and family is all that matters. While Anna feels that she only wanted to “love” her husband, Edward, and have a family would seal the deal in the marriage. The house is what kept them and divided them as a married couple. House divided is also mentioned in the Scriptures: Mark 3:25; Luke 11:17; and Matthew 12:25.

Anna was also willing to put all the burdens of her children and Edward onto her—needs to release and accept her feelings for Inman. Ironically, she saw Edward in her children: David and Serine, also her daughter-in-law, Millicent. All the negative things she assumed about Millicent, amazingly, secrets were revealed and Millicent named her twins after the two people she truly admired: Anna and Inman. Anna would have never imagined the misconceptions she had about her daughter-in-law and to name her twin daughter after her.

Overall, this novel is well-written and character-driven. It’s a contemporary, family-relationships story that you could read and enjoy from the first page until the very end. Look out for this author.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
Sweet Dreams, 4 stars.

*Dream 4 More Reviews received a proof copy of the novel by the author. The opinions of the reviewer doesn't reflect to the views of Dream 4 More Firm.

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