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Dream Interviews on Dream4More Radio w/ Vanessa Miller on 11/28/2010

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Review: A Love for Tomorrow by Vanessa Miller, Sweet Dreams!

Vanessa Miller’s Second Chance Series, book 2, “A Love for Tomorrow” is one of my favorite reads of the series thus far. There are several valuable lessons to be learned in this novel.

Serenity Williams and Michael Randolph dated for five years, had marriage plans for the last three years of the five years in the relationship that went sour because of his ego-driven motives and persona for his church ministry. This divided the couple to go their separate ways. Later, Michael wants an interview on Serenity’s televised ministry program and also announces his new marriage plans to Karen. Karen is the opposite of Serenity, who will not challenge Michael’s competitiveness or someone that will overshadow him and his ministry like he feared Serenity would. Serenity once asked herself while in the relationship and after meeting Pastor Phillip McKnight, “How long do you have to wait on God to work on somebody?” Yet, we have to work on ourselves, not asking God to change someone else to meet our own agenda.

Serenity knew since a young girl that God called her to minister the gospel to many, yet she started a TV ministry based on her own understanding instead of becoming a Pastor in which is her true calling. Like most of us, she allowed fear to take hold of her true ministry by being cautious of not undergoing disappointments and losing church members like her father and brother did as pastors. She also is afraid of developing meaningful relationships. Not only does Serenity fear “intimacy” with God, but also walking into her destiny.

Serenity Williams and Pastor Phillip McKnight are facing past relationships that require healing, restoring, and allow the Holy Spirit move in their situations by letting go and let Him perform miracles in their lives. Pastor Phillip McKnight has to let go of his past marriage, ex-wife Chantel, and a love before he came to Christ, and seek closure of this old relationship before moving into a new one. Serenity has waited on a man she believed was her husband. Michael only reminded her of his position in the Christian ministry, not wanting her to overstep him although she’s anointed with God-given gifts and abilities for the occasion. These two, Serenity and Phillip, see how their past lovers get involved with another person to replace them to meet their own needs, or trying to come back in their life when things look promising for them. I enjoyed reading this novel because this couple has a chance for love regardless of their past choices, past relationships, and past desires. We change when we look at things differently and accept our calling.

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Adrienna Turner

We received a copy of the book from the author via interview and review is included for promotional purposes.

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