Saturday, November 6, 2010

the Life Series November 6th with the Authors

We are talking to the authors who will share their struggles and victories. If you are an author or writer, whether seasoned or aspiring, you've completed a book, or want to know the lifestyle of the author from different walks of life. Be there tonight.

TONIGHT @ 9pm Central Time, USA on the Adrienna Turner Show: *Stephanneth Adams (aspiring author & founder of Life's Journey: Woman to Woman)
*Vanessa Davis Griggs (best selling, award-winning author/Christian Fiction)
*Shelia E. Lipsey (best selling, award-winning author/Christian Fiction)
*Adrienna Turner (award-winning author, radio host, and founder of Dream 4 More Firm)

Email any last minute questions to a hour before show. IF we are unable to answer, we will do it on December 4th showcase, Ask the Author, hoping these or other authors come to answer the questions and if it requires research or provide a service, we'll let you know on the show.

Dream Yours,
Host: Adrienna Turner

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