Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life's Journey: Woman to Woman

Stephanneth Adams is the founder and aspiring author of Life’s Journey: Woman to Woman. She loves to talk about women’s issues. She is currently pursuing a Graduate Degree in Women's Health (Nursing), and her passion is to help woman while she learns about the physiological, sexual, spiritual, and social needs of women. Being a woman, she understands that women struggle with varying issues. Through her faith and teachings of God, she has acquired some basic principles that can help women endure life. Thus, there is a Life’s Journey: Woman to Woman that's an inspiration for the woman’s soul! 


This inspiring and motivational book is strictly for the ladies, although men will enjoy too! It is filled with inspirational messages from back to cover, providing the reader with life-based spiritual tips to foster personal growth and motivation. The author takes the reader through the winding paths of her own journey of life, as a WOMAN! As she journeys along with you, she addresses LOVE, FORGIVENESS, SEX, GOD, HEAVEN, and more. Tips on how to break free from your past and propel into your “better you”. At the end of each chapter, there is a challenge section created especially for you to learn to forgive, to find love, to embrace God, and discover yourself. Those seeking to stay encouraged will find it inside this book!

A few example titles are: 1) From Shame to Acceptance, 2) Who will Marry Me?, 3) Being Pregnant is not my END, & 4) My Flesh, My Master

Life's Journey: Woman to Woman $13.99 COMING in 2011.

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