Friday, November 5, 2010

Home Again: Linda Beed on November 14th Dream4More Radio

Home AgainHome Again by Wanda Campbell

Home Again, read Linda Beed's short story in the book, the very last story enclosed in the anthology as the "Back Porch" section entitled, "Flavorful". The story starts off with the end result then goes back to the past of how it lead to this outcome that shows that people can restore past relationships and change their situation for good.

There were some good passages and lessons to be learned in this short story too. The fruit that God intended will come forth and its time for us to get our flavor back. “Fruit that God allow to come forth flavorful—takes our growth, purpose, and can be picked too soon (paraphrased, p. 186).” Here we see that in life as we grow like a tree, we have to get to the root of the problem for our branches to grow. In other words, we may have gifts that are not developed or nurtured properly that can separate us from our purpose. We also can be plunked too soon before we can see the gifts manifest. As the story states, "don't miss the chance to come back to your purpose, despite the atrocities of life."

I plan to read the rest of the anthology with other faith-filled stories.

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