Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jesus Pimped Serapis-Sermon on Black Christ Review

I read MC ILL Lee Jest previous work over a year ago, and now his latest book demystifies the acid slavery test of a faith system that seems to detest Christianity in the sense of Faux White God that oppressed the Black-African race due to enslavement. He also includes factual information based on past and recent historical and economical circumstances, even with the Illuminati that he calls as the New World order.

Yet because of my faith-based beliefs, some parts were very difficult for me to project and accept, especially from a Babylonian historical perspective, or Muslim-like beliefs noted from which first civilization is believed to be Africans (and their religious beliefs). I would like to note this author has put in scholarly effort and shares some essays that are uniquely crafted in respect to the Diaspora of West Africa as well as other measures that need to be considered.

He quotes from Dr. Jay, "Bible is a total fictional and stolen text from the Council of Nicea." Then want to convince me that Jesus was actually Osiris as Tutakhamun in circa 1400 B.C. Therefore, these beliefs detest what I truly believe and have lived by since a child. Moreover, it is written that Jesus is a Black African not Babylonian Jew (p. 57).

Yet there are scholars and certain religions who would love to read these historical, biblical perspectives from this concept.

Dream 4 More Reviews has received "Jesus Pimped Serapis-Sermon on Black Christ" by the author for a book review.

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