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C Alease "The Fosters" Review

The FostersThe Fosters by C. Alease

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I started reading "The Fosters," I wasn't sure what to expect. The story started in a facility called Haven Of Hope, which was an orphanage for unwanted kids--at least how they pictured it. Roberta was able to take the lettering of the facility, calling it "Have No Hope." Somehow regardless of their differences, a chosen few became like family. But with every good thing, separation happens, and learn to fend for themselves. Eventually Chrissy was placed in a home, leaving Till behind, and years later reunite in their college years.

Can twins really be apart? Beryl left the orphanage to a home without her sister, Cheryl. Although Beryl wrote her sister a letter of her happiness, Cheryl had a bitterness lingering in her heart and decided to end that pain in an unsettling manner.

Chrissy (Chris Collins) after two years of helping launch and making Till magazine become a success as they agreed, it was time for Chris to step out and pursue her dream as well. But had no idea what emotional roller-coaster would resurface to write such a book about the Facility.

Alfred had some things that he had to bury, and quite contrary, we see the transformation he had to make which best suited him. He also shares his story for the book that Chris Collins is writing and hopefully will share with the world. Unbelievably, Till and Alfred, had one thing in common. Even after the speculations, you will see how these two openly share their hidden secret when they were once in the Facility. Alfred, later Cleo, tells it all and sat there with my mouth agape.

Roberta, the one who held the "family" together while in the Facility, had a turn for the worse. Hopefully, she will find resolution.

I would highly recommend this for Young Adult to read, those who experienced separation or parting from families to new families, and even moves into college years (New Adult). Adults can see this as a learning tool, especially since I used to work as a Big Sister (Amachi program), mentor/tutor for disadvantage children, and also as a Youth Development Specialist with at-risk youth.

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