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God says the Struggle is Over by Ayani_Meli Review

God Says the Struggle Is OverGod Says the Struggle Is Over by Ayani Meli

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I am still a "child" at heart and love children books. I also used to be a caregiver for small children, as well as private school teacher for PreK to Kindergarten. So I was glad to receive a copy of the God Says series by Ayani Meli, which is written with a purpose about children with special needs but doesn't limit them or change their identity of who God sees and says them to be!

Jakhayri (Juh-ki-ree) starts his first day at Kindergarten and already prepared to face the harsh remarks by his peers until he meets June, who was noted as "needy" due to her special need that made her seem incapable. But their parents had faith in their abilities to be placed in a regular classroom and not to be labeled as such because of their disabilities. What I loved most about the children's book (memorable moment): is that we cannot do it alone and have to work collectively such as team work to make the plan work!

Most children books have a moral of the story and this book surely has it! It is also packed with godly wisdom that you can clearly see and use in your own life as well. I will have this book on the shelf for my niece and nephew to read or read to them too!

At the end, I found myself singing, "This little light of mines. I'm gonna let it shine!"

Additionally, this is based on the biblical passage: Ephesians 5. Therefore, I would highly recommend this for your children who have special needs, or uniquely made, and Christian parents to read to their children (or allow them to read on their own).

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