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God Says...I've Changed your DNA by Ayani_Meli Review

God Says I've Changed Your DNA: Walk as Children of the LightGod Says I've Changed Your DNA: Walk as Children of the Light by Ayani _Meli

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This book in the "God Says" series written by Ayani Meli shares on the adoption process in a child's eye. This was dear to me, how the author also shared her experiences with the adoption process in a children book for the world to know. There is an unknown fear, hoping that the worse doesn't happen because of other adoption cases that didn't turn out so well. Jakhayri luckily has his close friend June to share this grand process with, while waiting for the adoption process to be completed.

It is a heart-felt, touchy aspect on adoption but more importantly on DNA from a natural and spiritual perspective. One mother may have given birth to this precious child, yet another one takes him in their home to raise him as their very own. He also learns about the spiritual DNA=adopted as joint heirs with Jesus Christ and how he changes our DNA. Term used that is "Divine Nature & Anointing"! He also received a "new" name like we receive a "new" name in Christ.

Additionally, this is based on the biblical passage: Ephesians 5. Therefore, I would highly recommend this for your children who have special needs, or uniquely made, and Christian parents to read to their children. This is the second book in the God Says series by Ayani Meli.

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