Saturday, February 19, 2011

SK MINI: Samara King

Author Name: Samara King
Book Title: Hot to the Touch
Publisher: Samara King Books
Synopsis or Blurb: A masked lover a year ago, Club Reign owner, Belinda Gilles threw the first Grown & Sexy Masquerade Ball without a hitch – that was until she encountered a masked man whose touch made her forget about her past. Did she dare to believe that her masked lover would show his face again?

What lies beneath…When Jordan Harris discovers that Belle is the woman he encountered under the mask a year ago, he sets out to make her his, even if it means opening old wounds she’d vowed to never forgive him for.

Book Specs (if available): Available in 7 electronic formats, including Amazon Kindle. Available also on and Amazon in print.

Featured on Adrienna Turner Show, nominee of Best Literary Talk Show (2010) and Host of the Year (2011). Mark your calendars. Come bring the FIRE, Sparks are flying and see why readers are dying after this author, Samara King, bringing her thing!

Time/Date: Saturday, March 12th, 11-11:30 p.m. EST
Live and Chat:
Call: 347-308-8612 (last 10 minutes for shout-outs, comments, and Q&A)

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