Saturday, February 19, 2011

Samara King Pre-Interview Questions

Dream 4 More Pre-Interview Questions to get to know Samara King:
1. What inspired you to write this book?
After reading an article online about several prisoners who were being released after serving years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, I begin to wonder how one would regain their life and love.
2. Share one of your dreams and how are you putting forth effort to make it a reality.
One of my dreams is to pursue my own business in the literary world. I’m currently doing that with the creation of the SK MINIs novella imprint of which Hot to the Touch is the premiere release and the establishment of Samara King Books. Touching people with my words is one of the legacies I want to leave behind one day and a daily goal as well.
3. Tell us 4 things that people would love to know about you (we don’t already know).
Hmmm, well. I love to dance.
My mother tells me I was born with red hair and that she named me after some character from a Western (not believing the later statement Mom.)
I love making characters real to the point I could carry conversation.
One of the greatest influences of my life was my maternal grandmother.
4. Name your future plans and how you’re building on that dream.
My future plans evolve around building more titles under Samara King Books, working on a script, seminars that will uplift women under the SK MINIs project as well as classes. I’ll also be offering writing workshops in liaison with Editor-Author Shonell Bacon under our joint venture, 2 Divas 2 Dimes.
5. Who are you bringing on the dream journey with you, if any?
My loved ones definitely. I do not think you can venture into a dream without some support from those closest to you in some respects.
6. Who are you modeling after or use as a living example to keep you accomplishing your writing talent?
There are many authors that I admire, but I really love tailoring my path to my own creativity. It ensures realness and truth.
7. Share in brief your writing process (e.g. time of hour you write, best time of the day or night, setbacks or disappointments, and obstacles to undergo as an author).
My writing practices vary from early morning writing sessions to evening time. It just depends on the project, the tone, the characters and the general flow of the story I’m trying to convey. There are times when I have to step away from the act of writing and in those times, I design, read, observe and learn. It’s all part of my writing process I think and it extends outside banging the keys of my laptop. Setbacks and disappointments are a part of life, in writing it is no different. Taking one day at a time and learning – sometimes ‘re-learning’ to enjoy the writing process is often needed.
8. What advice do you have for your readers and/or other authors? Nurturing your muse is a very important element in the writing journey. Switching what doesn’t work and trying alternate or various creative paths help a lot. It never hurts to shake up your creative process every now and then.

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