Friday, February 4, 2011

The Day Begins with Christ: Book Proceeds During Love Month of February 2011

The Day Begins with Christ is still on sale $15 (reg. $18.99 plus tax at retailers) and shipping and handling $5.00. Book proceeds will go to 50% to Dream Your Reality Prophecies Online Ministry Radio: Dream Yours Midnight Hour and 50% to a homeless shelter. If you want to donate any amount, go to

The Day Begins With ChristThe Day Begins With Christ by Adrienna Turner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a book that covers God's Laws (for man and woman); Eden Diet and Meat Eaters Diet (body as a temple); God in your home; Relationships such as singleness, courtship, marriage, and children; workplace; prayer life; social life; and glorifying the Lord (holy).

Spiritual journey for 50-days, "Let your Day Begin Activity" after each day, and Scripture Readings.

Since summer 2010 until 2011 year, I am reading the book to renew, refocus, and restore me. Second reading since in print.

It is one of the first non-fiction spiritual books I have written followed by Unleashing the Spirit (release date unknown), Desire at Will (December 2009 released), and Counsel me Lord (will write in 2011/2012 year). If you are into inspirational drama-suspense, read Miss the Mark Series...hope to be out in 2011 or so, and working on book 4 now of the 7 series.

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