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May Review

Strength Within: Surviving by the Grace of God. Kingdom Living Publishing. 2008. Rating: 3 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: What a Dream!

Roland takes the audience with his childhood memories, stern discipline, and how they were separated from his parents to live with his Aunt Rosa. We see how many families have to face the hardships of life and economical status, especially living in the city of Roosevelt, New York, a subdivision of Long Island. We see how a young boy takes write a letter to his mother’s past employer to help get her old job back but when his mother finds out, she chastises him. He was tired of his mother’s verbal and physical attacks against him and his brother, where he was willing to poison his mother by putting Lysol in the Kool-Aid. Parents need to be mindful how they discipline and chastise their children, does abuse get us anywhere? We are the examples; we mold our children by being the example in their lives. Instead, with abusive parents, we see children learn to lie to avoid another violent attack to their well-being or involved in fights at school to have a sense of belonging. Moreover, they grow up to believe that they will never succeed and God does not want the best for them. We have to be careful what we instill in our children and our methods for discipline. Is running away, the answer?

We see Roland ‘Tyler’ blaming himself for his parents’ deaths, especially his mother’s. He wants to know GOD, and learn about ‘faith’ but eventually he finds God and discovers the true meaning of faith. We all carry baggage, but what we do with our baggage is the ultimate question. Read the book to find out what Roland Tyler does with his past issues and baggage.

*There were some parts that may be quite boring but he is giving chronological reference and what he finds important to share in his memoir to show how he discovers the strength within regardless of his circumstances.

*This is the opinion of the reviewer that does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Firm. We received a copy from the author for a book review.

Dream Reviewer,

Adrienna Turner

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