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Dream 4 More Reviews: January 2010

Desire at Will by Adrienna Dionna Turner. 2009. Author House. $11.95. Rating: 4 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams!

This reviewer is always very skeptical of books that deal with religion because often times these books have a tone of being preachy and not informative. This was not the case with Desire at Will, Turner has masterfully created a cocoon around the reader that allows for whatever emotion that the reader feels yet provides reassurance that everything can and will be alright if you believe that the Supreme Being (no matter what you call him/her) will see you through. Congratulations to her for a welcome addition to the genre! I look forward to her future works that include biblical references and text.

Dream 4 More Reviews,

Tanya Bates

4 stars: Sweet Dreams!

The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Lit. Cons. Firm. The author sent an gallery unbounded copy of the book for a review from Dream 4 More Reviews.

A Heart's Thoughts: Love Walk Meditations Series by Shalonda "Treasure" Williams. Lulu. $9.25. Rating: 4 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Sweet Dreams!

Shalonda "Treasure" Williams writes a much needed and anticipated book in a meditation-devotional style. The author poses questions that we all have wondered or asked at some time or place, where she gives Scriptures, examples, and clarification on how to view these posing questions addressed from God's perspective (Holy Bible--His Word).

This book is also a conversational read, as Shalonda delivers a down-to-earth way to minister to everyone what God sees for their lives. She shares the depths of her soul (experiences) too.

There are a couple areas that spoke to me in volumes in her devotional read. She expounds on where blessings come from, not materialistic things such as a home, car, and wealth to name a few. Our divine blessings come at God's appointed time--to fulfill God's plan and to meet our necessities, not wants. She also defines the term "blessed" with following Scriptures for review. How the family values are diminished and when we refer to what "mama say/said" instead of the voice of God. Last, I love the section on fear in which shows that we do not trust God, He does not reside in us, and to stand in our rightful place with boldness (confidence) not fear. Shalom (peace)!

She also has a Scripture review section after each question posed and passages in reference to the question to see what God's Word says to you. She adds at the end of the book, 'study questions' to expound on our viewpoints.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
4 stars, Sweet Dreams!

The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Lit. Cons. Firm. The author sent a copy of the book for a review from Dream 4 More Reviews.

Real Thoughts by N.S. Ugezene (You-gee-zee-nay). Lulu. ebook or paperback. August 2009. $16.00. Rating: 1.5/2 stars. Dream 4 More Reviews Rating: Okay Dream.

Real Thoughts by N.S. Ugezene discusses some controversial, political, and social issues and topics.

Under the impression this book will tailor to teens with the exception of vulgar language in some parts of the ebook. Some of the topics that I took from the ebook was players learn about the pleasures of relationships; political and religion viewpoints from the urban characters in the storyline; battling with obesity; technological communication tools; and rapper legends.

However, it was difficult to read the first chapter where it sets up the scene of a threesome or intimate scene to Sex Talk Q&A of a magazine article on sexual relationships and crisis. This train of thought for the author and the reader loses the flow of the story, concept delivered, and sequence of story ideas. Next chapter, I feel that it touches on the struggle with weight loss such as erratic diets that are not successful for the person over 200 lbs. In the ending of this chapter, I was not sure if it was sarcasm or a joke in this passage, "Don't let food be Lucifer" when facing the temptation of food.

There were minor editing issues or usage of slang, narrative voice was not strong since I did not realize who was "I" until nearly third of the book to determine it was "Pascal" speaking in the narration.

Overall, N.S. Ugezene has taken the challenge to touch on these controversial issues in Real Thoughts, however, the delivery or his style of writing can confuse, loose his reading audience. I am not convinced he drawn out these 21st Century issues to keep the reader engaged.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
1.5/2 stars: Okay Dream!

The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. The author has provided an unbounded copy, e-book version for a free of charge review with Dream 4 More Reviews.

Beautiful by Kiexiza Rodriquez. Family Gifts and Creations. 2006. $unknown. Purchase on Rating: 2. Dream 4 More Rating: Okay Dream.

Beautiful captures the hip-hop generation with a materialistic business woman, Tierra "Ti'". She works for Baxwell Enterprisez and handled various accounts from music, media, entertainment, real estate, and other business venues. She has made a turn for the worldly pleasures such as drinking, living lavishly, and dismissed church/God. She goes to wait on Qu, and gets a touch of the Holy Spirit, then gramma (grandma) gets on her case about God and quit blaming the devil for her hell.

We see a woman who wants to loose her faith when things does not go her way, with reminders from her family. Lesson: We can give up on God, but he does not give up on us.

*Minor editing issues. The story was slow in the beginning, but had some valid points about where you spend your time and energy--go back to the Source. Some of the transitions, characters, and events did not flow well for me, not concrete and can visualize yourself in their shoes. You can bind to Tierra out of all the characters, especially the preaching episodes and thought-processes about returning to God.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
2 stars, Okay Dream.

*The opinion of the reviewer does not reflect Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. We received a copy of the book from the author for a review.

Lama Milkweed Augustine, PhD. The Electric Chair: Journals of H.H. The Most Ven. Lama Ripoche Milkweed L. Augustine. Jones Harvest Publishing. $25.00. 2008. Rating: 5 stars. Dream 4 More Rating: Wooed Us!

Lama Milkweed Augustine attributes consist of letters, journal writings and testimonials, drawings, actual photos of present and older models of electric chairs, poetry, letters to Senators (and House of Representatives on the Death-Crime Bill) in Massachusetts, and other philanthropist acts to provide arts for Florida prisoners before their execution dates arrives.

With the journal entries and testimonials, Milkweed provides accurate facts and descriptions of the actual acts of the electric chair. She also gives historical, social, and political evidence to these horrific death penalties and those on death row. Death row is someone waiting to die during their prison term. She tells us of the first dated prisoner who died by the electric chair, William Kelmer, in 1890 noted in the United States in New York city. She also elaborates on other unimaginable terrors and hideous acts throughout our U.S. history such as the brutal acts forced on innocent people who were considered as outcasts, did not abide to the English or American governments, and laws, witches, and slaves. Most of this was done by their own ignorance, prejudice, selfish motives, and rulership (whoever was in power).

Moreover, Lama has a heart for the condemned, those called to die and undergoing great pain. She can relate due to her own medical condition, where she also shares these dreadful testimonies. She states that we can be prisoners without the steel bars due to our own isolations from society, people, and unholiness methods.

This book is resourceful in history, social-economic, literature, and criminal justice classes.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
5 stars: Wooed Us!

*The opinions of the reviewer does not reflect the views of Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm. The author has sent a book to review from Dream 4 More Reviews.

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