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Editing Specials

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Misconceptions of Editing (when you hire an editor):

While editing a project, and have hired editors on my projects, there are some things we need to understand when we hire or assign an editor on a project or our manuscripts.

There are developmental editors who are not copy editors, and vice versa. After an editing job, sometimes we need to assign another editor to review, such as a light editing job or proofreader before going into print. We should not trust only one person to do the job. Just like we get a second opinion from our medical doctor(s), and other things we do, why not editors too.

We are afraid of spreading our pocket books too. We have to honestly ask the hard questions when you are seeking an editor. A past project I did for a client, I admitted to the author, after these two edits since my focus is on developmental editing and some light to medium editing, to entrust someone else for the proofreading before it goes into print. She did just that! I am pleased to be on the project to open my eyes to our literature since I am also a reviewer, and know what I like to see transcend and transform in books...but I knew my limits. I prefer nonfiction, spiritual books but open to help with light editing/medium and manuscript critiques with fiction.

I have discovered that I enjoy developmental editing (not copy editing) and light editing/proofreading.

However, take criticism from your editor and feedback to make your book marketable. Let egos and pride go, and see how you can make your book a masterpiece. Be willing to grow and GO! I had to do the same on my current novel that should be out this month--what a great editor God assigned to me through prayer, yet my publisher will still assign a proofreader before it goes into print.

Understand the styles of editing and do not expect your editor to do miracles, but help you as a writer to make a better read for your customers, fans, and future clientele.

Dream 4 More,
*Our editing special ends May 31st, read the blog. I will not take all projects and can refer you to our Dream Referrals....editors.

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