Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dream Summore Gift Card and More

We want to hear from you. Did you get your copy of "Mirror, Beware!" that is due May 31st/June 2010? Let us know who is your favorite character...share your ideas....

Mines are: Tatianna, Misty, and Toni...including Elaine (Toni's mom). If you want to see a new book in the Mirror Sagas, let me know...otherwise, it will end here. Tell me what you like most, like to see, and want to see more drama....your ideas will be used, then you will be added to acknowledgment page and can win a gift card $10.00 at restaurant of choice, especially if it is also in Milwaukee, WI like IHOP, Applebees, etc. if chosen. Leave your name and email to contact you if Dream Summore uses your idea!

You can leave on blog too: or email us at

Dream4More Firm,
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