Sunday, January 17, 2010

N.S. Ugezene Review: Real Thoughts

Real Thoughts by N.S. Ugezene discusses some controversial, political, and social issues and topics.

Under the impression this book will tailor to teens with the exception of vulgar language in some parts of the ebook. Some of the topics that I took from the ebook was players learn about the pleasures of relationships; political and religion viewpoints from the urban characters in the storyline; battling with obesity; technological communication tools; and rapper legends.

However, it was difficult to read the first chapter where it sets up the scene of a threesome or intimate scene to Sex Talk Q&A of a magazine article on sexual relationships and crisis. This train of thought for the author and the reader loses the flow of the story, concept delivered, and sequence of story ideas. Next chapter, I feel touches on the struggle with weight loss such as erratic diets that are not successful for the person over 200 lbs. In the ending of this chapter, I was not sure if it was sarcasm or a joke in this passage, "Don't let food be Lucifer" when facing the temptation of food.

There were minor editing issues or usage of slang, narrative voice was not strong since I did not realize who was "I" until nearly third of the book to determine it was "Pascal" speaking in the narration.

Overall, N.S. Ugezene has taken the challenge to touch on these controversial issues in Real Thoughts, however, the delivery or his style of writing can confuse, loose his reading audience. I am not convinced he drawn out these 21st Century issues to keep the reader engaged.

Dream 4 More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
1.5/2 stars: Okay Dream!

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