Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2009 Compiled Dream 4 More Reviews List

2009 Books Reviewed by Dream 4 More Reviews:

5 stars (Wooed Me Dream or Wooed Us!):

1. Birthing from Obscurity to Promise by Pastors Michael and Carolyn Byrd
2. The Day Begins with Christ by Adrienna Dionna Turner
3. Hiding in the Shadows by Claudia Mosley Brown
4. Ace of Hearts by Jean Holloway
5. Your Definition of Wealth + Our Methodology by Mark A. Dulaney
6. Give Me Destiny! By James A. Jimason
7. God’s House: Returning to the Heart of Ministry by James A. Jimason
8. The Ministry of Motherhood by Cheryl Lacey Donovan
9. Rhythm Can’t Keep Time by Deondriea Cantrice
10. The Certain Ones by Vanessa Richardson
11. My Father, My Nazi by L. Milkweed Augustine
12. The 99 Males Who Make Your Life a Living Hell by Tanya White
13. Who Is He To You by Monique D. Mensah
14. Love Found Me by Vanessa Richardson
15. Divine Providence by Nicole Childress

4 stars (Sweet Dreams!):

1. Practicing What You Preach by Vanessa Davis Griggs
2. Keeper of Secrets by Anjuelle Floyd
3. Over and Over Again by Ni’Cola Mitchell
4. Postal Blues by Nikki Coe
5. The Chainsaw Man by L. Milkweed Augustine
6. Content…Right Where I Am
7. Secret Betrayals by Harriet Wilson

3 stars (What a Dream!):

1. A Reflection of Me an AAMBC Anthology by Tamika Newhouse
2. The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun
3. The Milkweed Prophesy: Epitaph of the Apocalypse by L. Milkweed Augustine
4. Desire at Will by Adrienna Dionna Turner

* Compiled between March 2009 – December 2009. Most reviews were done by Adrienna Turner until we built a steady crew of reviewers (4-5). We are only showcasing 3 stars to 5 stars. This includes even author requested reads, reviews, and ACR (advanced copy reads) with a few unbounded copies (galleries or pdf files). Since December 30, 2009, we no longer accept pdf files for review.

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