Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dream Summore: 10% goes to Diamond Project

Are you dreaming for more? Dream Summore has penned her debut novel called "Mirror, Beware!" under GSH Publishing to break the book shelves and online retailers in March/April 2010.

Dream is also giving 10% to Diamond Project in Milwaukee, WI for teens ages 15-19 since we are losing our children to drug-abuse, STDs, AIDS, and even suicide. We want to reach the youth, teach the youth, and direct our youth to a future of hope.

Details about author and book entitled, "Mirror, Beware!" can be found on

We want to see our youth rise, not fall...can pre-order your copy of this book for $15 (shipping covered) to and shipping information once the book is released will be shipped immediately and 10% of book sales proceeds goes to Kay Norworthy's organization: Diamond Project.

Keep Dreaming,
Dream Summore

Mail to Dream 4 More Lit. Cons. Firm
c/o Dream Summore
PO BOX 240803
Milwaukee, WI 53224

You still have time...some are giving to Haiti or praying to pay bills and put food on the table...when God touches your heart to give, then move and you will be blessed. Thank you.

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