Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lama Milkweed Review: Electric Chair

Lama Milkweed Augustine attributes consist of letters, journal writings and testimonials, drawings, actual photos of present and older models of electric chairs, poetry, letters to Senators (and House of Representatives on the Death-Crime Bill) in Massachusetts, and other philanthropist acts to provide arts for Florida prisoners before their execution dates arrives.

With the journal entries and testimonials, Milkweed provides accurate facts and descriptions of the actual acts of the electric chair. She also gives historical, social, and political evidence to these horrific death penalties and those on death row. Death row is someone waiting to die during their prison term. She tells us of the first dated prisoner who died by the electric chair, William Kelmer, in 1890 noted in the United States in New York city. She also elaborates on other unimaginable terrors and hideous acts throughout our U.S. history such as the brutal acts forced on innocent people who were considered as outcasts, did not abide to the English or American governments, and laws, witches, and slaves. Most of this was done by their own ignorance, prejudice, selfish motives, and rulership (whoever was in power).

Moreover, Lama has a heart for the condemned, those called to die and undergoing great pain. She can related due to her own medical condition, where she also shares these dreadful testimonies. She states that we can be prisoners without the steel bars due to our own isolations from society, people, and unholiness methods.

This book is resourceful in history, social-economic, literature, and criminal justice classes.

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Adrienna Turner
5 stars: Wooed Us!

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