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Love & Regrets by Sheryl Mallory-Johnson Review

Love & RegretsLove & Regrets by Sheryl Mallory-Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Love & Regrets

Author: Sheryl Mallory-Johnson

Publisher: Wanasoma Books

Release date (or anticipated release): December 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9822085-2-6

Specs: Paperback, 302 pages

Category: Relationships/Contemporary

Review Summary:

Carmen Hill-Dougherty is seeking for change and when a male counterpart comes on the work scene, then her interests excelled as if she was on cloud nine but not normal for a married woman to be attracted to her co-worker. Kendall, senior sales manager, lacks both experience and education but made Carmen’s adrenaline flow and mental senses went downhill. She hired this Dominican sex bod, was it worth the fling to lose the wedding ring? She later suffers from a mental breakdown, panic attacks, and her emotional structure brings the reader in.

Tempest Perry thought her dreams were coming true once she met the rookie athlete Sterling Alexander later went professional NFL line-backer but not quite sure she got what her heart desired. She got critical to comforting feedback from her sisters and friend, Dana, after seeing his interview showcasing another woman as his Cinderella. She fights her thoughts and feelings to see if her fiancé truly loves her, or is she just another woman on the game field. Like most women, she reminiscences on her past high school insecurities and imperfections once she sees another beautiful woman on the scene that could steal her dream man from her future wedding plans.

Dana Dougherty, sister-in-law to Carmen and best friend to Tempest, seems to find love in Omar who definitely doesn’t feel the same about her. What does a rebound lover look like? When love has a new face, Matthew has the compatibility and stability but Dana discovers that both men are “momma boys.” Which man will she choose to share her life and happiness with?

All these ladies have one thing in common: failed relationships, where they were seeking for love without anything in return. These women choices make you question their actions and reactions especially when it comes to love, relationships with the opposite sex, and regrets that are hard to forget. Love & Regrets shares relationships where love is on the rocks, love on memory lane from dream to nightmare, and lover rebound just a play toy without any real commitment.

Dream Moment(s): Carmen has watched marriages fail from other family members, and so did hers but her grandparents marriage lasted 40 years. Her grandmother’s advice shook something inside of me, “Put more energy into staying married than you put into getting married, and don’t be a fool enough to think you’re the only woman in the running. There’s always someone waiting in the wings, ready to take your gold.” We cannot let someone win our race, and get in place, and trust our marriages will last with God in it!

Dream 4 More: Forgiveness is the key factor with a sincere heart as Tempest does with Sterling “she did it with her whole heart and soul (Matthew 6:14)” (page 296). Another important moral lesson exemplified in this reading was to “hold on to your dreams.” Sheryl Mallory-Johnson is a talented writer, gives balance of all the right elements to create the right formula for a splendid novel to read on relationships.

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