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High Rollers, Players & Angels by Gregory A Johnson

High Rollers Players & AngelsHigh Rollers Players & Angels by Gregory A. Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: High Rollers, Players & Angels

Author: Gregory A. Johnson

Publisher: Getting the Work Done Publications

Release date (or anticipated release): October 2010

ISBN: 9780982966600

Specs: Paperback, 338 pages

Website (optional):

Category: Street/Urban

Review Summary:

No one seems to play the game fair and square. Parjoe calls the shots not only in a pool game but wants to start a major criminal enterprise with his crew. Griffith A. Jordan also known as Parjoe is the mastermind, college-bound with military experience brings on his men with muscle and bringing the heat: Blackman and Hot Rod, and his straight-up gangster, Wildman. In South Memphis, these men want to setup gambling houses, run whore houses, hustling drugs, and exporting hot cars to foreign countries. This operation is bigger than New Jack City, happening in a southern state like Memphis. Parjoe adds on a fifth man, Marcus Ducree who is a crooked banker to launder the dirty money and a sixth person, a woman, Laquette known to be the Queen B. Each guy starts with 50 grand on the table to start the business venture and network with other suppliers for the plan to surface. Parjoe has plans to not only do this locally but internationally.

Yet there are others lurking in the midst who do not want to see your come-up for various reasons and motives. This novel takes you for a run for your money with hot honeys.

Dream Moment(s): Through all the dirt and people getting hurt, there were some moral lessons taught in the novel such as greed even though your needs have been met but some ladies wanted more than what was offered on the table, never satisfied and willing to put their lives on the line for more; push someone only makes them push back; and lying, stealing, and cheating will eventually catch up to you. I enjoyed the girl talk between frenemies: Serena and Cutie Pie, was able to fess up and make things happen (page 240).

Nightmare(s): This is street literature to the fullest, just laced with profanity. However, the characters tone and vocalization fits this type of genre, especially guys from the streets in gangs, drug hustling, and illegal crimes.

Dream 4 More: High Rollers, Players & Angels is a fast-pace, gritty, and raw, even though there may be some similarities to other street lit books—it still stands in a place of its own and these characters/scenes are played in one’s mind like as if watching an urban movie. If you love Street Lit, this novel will surely entertain, give you the leverage you need, and see how it is done on multi-levels as the illegal enterprise unleashes its spew of greedy contenders.

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