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Growing pains: Kendra's diaries by K.P. Smith review

Title: Growing Pains: Kendra’s Diaries
Author: KP Smith
Publisher: Doin It Publishing
Release date (or anticipated release): 2011
ISBN: 9780615390307
Specs: paperback and ePub/mobi versions are available
Website (optional): or
Category: Young Adult (YA)

Review Summary:
Kendra, the oldest sister, has to share with her younger sister, Patrice, about her parents’ verbal attacks and daily scrabbles usually around managing their finances and providing for the family.

K.P. Smith wrote a cutesy, witty, and fun chick lit with some moral lessons and interweaves some faith-based concepts in this teen literature. She also briefly covered in the first chapter on ethnic issues especially in New Orleans that was cleverly done in a humorous way for teens (and adults) who reads their copy.

Dream Moment(s): As a teen girl, Kendra wondered when her countless prayers would be answered by a Mighty God and pondered on sayings that most believers said to her, “You have to wait on Him” and “He’s always on time.” Which she beg to differ, since on her watch seemed to be very late and not sure how long she had to wait for her prayers to be answered. Kendra later realized based on one’s life choices that there will be consequences but not to quit or be a quitter even through the most difficult times. As a reader and reviewer, I also liked how she put in the Creole lingo/dialect in the reading.

Dream 4 More: Kendra Foster may have undergone some of the same things that other teens may have gone through such as argumentative parents over the household expenses; self-esteem; and building their confidence and faith in accomplishing their dreams while in junior high (8th grade). Kendra tries out for a cheerleading team, after two years, she finally makes the team. She works on her confidence and trusts in her instincts that she can accomplish anything her heart desires; making her dreams a reality. This character is relatable and can help encourage and edify other teens going through similar issues at this prime time in their lives. Moreover, I would recommend this novel to pre-teens (tweens) from 11-12 years old to older teens.

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